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Abu the Cat

Abu the Cat

While at a Midwestern farm I met Abu the cat, a shy house-cat who was dropped off on the side of a country road as an unwanted kitten. Its current owners rescued it, after it wandered up to their house. I cut out the background of this photograph and replaced it with the current black background using the GIMP lasso (a tedious process to be sure).

Culinary Adventures with Beef & Broccoli

Boeuf avec Broccoli-AW[cc:rz]

From time to time I post pictures of my various "culinary creations." Tonight, it wasn't an apple pie, nor chocolate chip cookies, but rather broccoli beef, one of my favorite oriental dishes! If your computer or device recognizes foreign language characters, you may note the title above is in Chinese... albeit, I am sure it's not exactly one hundred percent précis, I made the attempt in order to follow with the foreign language titles I’ve been using lately. For my rendition of this famous Chinese-American dish, I made a sweet-tasting sauce with soy, white sugar, sesame seed oil, garlic powder, and a few other “secret” ingredients. Quite good, albeit more experimentation is needed.

Le Grand Palais: The Wonders of Paris


This building was originally featured on this blog in the photograph "Floating Along the Seine." Le Grand Palais "is a large historic site, exhibition hall and museum complex located at the Champs-Élysées (Wikipedia)." Beautifully ornate statues are placed throughout the grounds of the complex, and one may even take a stroll along the Alexandre III Bridge which encompasses its frontal perimeter above the Seine, (and is portrayed in this photograph). It is one of the many wonders of Paris and may be suitably viewed from one of the numerous tour-guide boats which occupy the river.

Filíochta: Thoor Ballylee

Thoor Ballylee is a quaint little castle fabricated by the Normans (in County Galway) and once inhabited by poet, William Butler Yeats. From its crest, there is a tremendous view of a beautiful pond, much like the one I've entitled Nádúr (only much smaller), and the surrounding woody landscape (background information, such as concerns the Normans and the castle's general location, was gleaned from Wikipedia). This photograph, as the one previously mentioned, was also captured with a fairly "outdated" camera and therefore has had a few tweaks enacted upon it.

Nádúr: The Beauty of a Simple Pond


I considered doing a great deal more in the way of alteration with this photograph, such as adding a complete sepia tone. However, there's something about the natural colors of Ireland that shouldn't be suppressed. Therefore, in this case I left the image unaltered.

Éireann: The Beauty of the British Isles


While in Europe, I had the chance to visit many a cathedral. From the Notre Dame de Paris and Rouen, to this one in Ireland. They each have their own unique architectural qualities and resulting "personalities" (I believe the moss and other natural accentuations do a great deal to add character). The original photograph was not to my usual standard, due to the model of digital camera I was using (years ago), with obsolete (in comparison with the cameras of today) composition functionality and only a few megapixels to boast of. Therefore, as in the past, I have modified it with Mac's Preview application. Adjusting brightness, contrast, detail, saturation, and adding a touch of sepia. The watercolor quality of the graphic is intentional.

Ville de la Mer: Normandie


This beautiful, ocean-side community, with its long, seemingly endless beeches, was a source of much photographic interest for me. Moreover, the sound of the tide wading in and out made for a tranquil environment perfectly stimulative for the creative faculty. Indeed, here I drew many an idea of literary significance to be used in my upcoming novel. Oh how beautiful is God's creation and its reflection of His character (Romans 1:20).

Sourire de Chèvre: Grinning Goat


Following the "genre" of natural photography, today I'm posting a photograph I composed in 2010 of this smiling goat.

Blog Updates (Oh, and a camel)

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This camel has a tough life - always being fed food by tourists, always an object of photography and interest (that might get annoying, actually), and always having to wake up in the morning in time to display its pearly whites.

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-Reposting photographs from my “travels” in 2010, such as this camel.

-Tomorrow will be the start of our  Irish photography series!

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Colorado Natives: The Mountain Goats

If you haven't noticed by now, I greatly enjoy engaging in nature photography. Whether it's sheep in Ireland, Normans in France, or hawks in the midwest - unlike most scenery (aside from weather fluctuations), animals are unpredictable and make for some of the most intriguing compositions. These goats, however... aren't really doing anything out of the ordinary. However, it may pique interest nonetheless.