Norman Cow

Pup-eyed Norman

According to Wikipedia, Norman cows (as pictured) "are a breed from the Normandy region in North West France. They are claimed to be descended from cattle imported by Viking settlers."

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  1. What a cool cow – better than the ones we have back in Wisconsin….

  2. Nice challenge. I bet you’re enjoying it!

  3. I find it very interesting. I didn’t really know Normandy has their own unique breed of cattle.

    Also, a question, do you live in Europe or are you on a vacation? Or do you pull photos from a previous vacation? Just curious because I am fascinated by France. (Oh, and Switzerland because of the LHC.)

    • Quite interesting indeed, my France pictures are pulled from the collection of my prior visit to the country.

      Per your request, I’ve deleted the comments which were auto-approved by my blog (it switches to automatic moderation when a poster is “trusted.” When you changed names, it no longer recognized you. Subscribe option is to the right of the page, to answer your question).

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