Éireann: The Beauty of the British Isles


While in Europe, I had the chance to visit many a cathedral. From the Notre Dame de Paris and Rouen, to this one in Ireland. They each have their own unique architectural qualities and resulting "personalities" (I believe the moss and other natural accentuations do a great deal to add character). The original photograph was not to my usual standard, due to the model of digital camera I was using (years ago), with obsolete (in comparison with the cameras of today) composition functionality and only a few megapixels to boast of. Therefore, as in the past, I have modified it with Mac's Preview application. Adjusting brightness, contrast, detail, saturation, and adding a touch of sepia. The watercolor quality of the graphic is intentional.


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  1. Great Photograph! What camera do you use now? I think it’s pretty safe to say that it is better than that one. Do you find it better to edit photographs? I think the real art is the photograph itself (I understand that you were limited by the camera at hand) rather than a “composited” photograph. I personally don’t use Photoshop, however I have tried it in the past; you can literally MAKE pictures from many, many different images, CREATING the image, rather than taking it with a camera.

    I understand though, and this is finally from your real site (I was using the mobile version before) and it is better than I thought it would be, judging by your mobile site. You should try adding some more color!

    • I currently use a Kodak EasyShare MD41, which may not be in the high-end spectrum of cameras although gets the job done right. I like to tweak photographs at times, when perhaps the lighting was not at its best or there was too much blur, or when sepia & b/w can serve a more effective artistic purpose. Photographs that I alter heavily can no longer be considered “photographs,” but rather computer graphics (which are of a different matter altogether, take this graphic for example: https://adventurewriter.files.wordpress.com/2011/11/glow-curve-soft-flat-pi-pi-aw.png).

      I will take your recommendation into consideration, I have been meaning to alter the color scheme and layout for some time.

      Thanks for the comment!

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