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Une Plante Blanche (& Blog Updates!)

[Photography] To start off, a little background information about the photograph. While in France, we drove through Giverny and paid a visit Monet’s famous garden (appropriately named “Monet’s Garden). The various flowers and other forms of vegetation were categorized into blocks, seemingly by color, yet there were other methods at work as well. It was like a maze, at which each turn was presented a new, beautiful discovery. My favorite, by far, is a photograph I’ve entitled “MG Zinias” and was posted soon after I had arrived back in the States. The photograph below is also of great interest to me, resembling a fern… whether it is a variation of white fern, I cannot say.

...of Monet's Garden!

Another artistic shot of one of the many specimens of Monet's Garden. I've included this photograph in my post to make up for the lack of words. I would like to know for certain, one day, what classification these plants (I've photographed) fall under.

  • [Updates] Recently I’ve obtained a few new graphics programs (some of which are “trials” and won’t be sticking around for long) which I’ll be utilizing for Adventure Writer’s Blog posts. In the past, I’ve worked with GIMP, Paint.net, Microsoft Office Picture Manager, SumoPaint, and even the humbly simplistic “Paint” included by “default” with most Windows computers. Never, do I believe, have I worked with Photoshop, albeit I will be doing so shortly.
  • In other news, I’m considering using Kindle’s publishing services, although their terms and conditions have been tedious to read through thus far.
  • Finally, I haven’t forgotten about the reviews I’ve previously mentioned. And once things start to calm down, I should have them up. Reviews for [chosen] upcoming films will not occupy such lengthy durations and should be up within a few days of release.