Daily Archives: 03/07/2012

Extending eBook Content

Tonight I’m revising my 400 Years of Silence six-hundred word story publication by extending it to


Taken at one of the many Notre Dames of France - altered slightly for effect.

encompass the same scope as its duet-play counterpart. Once completed, the updates will be sent to the iBookstore and Barnes and Noble (NOOK).

I pray that, as I make these revisions, I will stay true to the heart of God – even if that entails extending it to the length of a novel.

The story in its current forms are available for reading on the Adventure Writer’s Blog. If you enjoy the story, you may also download the eBook version from the NOOK or iBookstore.


Statues des Anciennes Civilisations: Photos from Rouen

Saint Matthias - Rouen (Photograph)

Saint Matthias is one of the many "ancient" statues which inhabit the cathédrale Notre-Dame de Rouen. Within the scope of my graphics experiments, I altered this photograph to give it an appropriate appearance of age and a general "classical disposition." (Mac's Preview Application)