Publishing Efforts (& photo): And now… we wait!

Waiting for food...

Writing is one of my favorite pastimes (if you haven’t read the About Me page yet), albeit the action of finishing a particular work always seems to be substantially more gratifying than the process of creating (this is not to say the process of creating is lacking in enjoyability). This may be due to the fact that particular roadblocks may present themselves during the work, such as the infamous Writer’s Block.

Debatably better is the act of publishing (excluding the path of finding a publisher) which takes one’s work and distributes it for the enjoyment / enlightenment of others. Key are these final statements: enjoyment and enlightenment.

Reading is a fantastic means of entertainment, yet it may also prove to be an effective means of teaching. One of my greatest aspirations (aside from my life’s goal) is to devise a novel which will change the life of its reader, I dare say my 400 Years of Silencestory, when at its fruition, may do

The X-Structure

I have often come to a standstill in my writings, or even before the writing has begun, when an idea is simply in its infancy. You may note I have a curious description for my 400 Years of Silence (Play): "It started with a simple project, then as God's hand became manifest, the story unfolded." By this I refer to the process by which the story came into being. One day, desiring to write a play of Biblical significance, I sat down at the computer with my outline sheet and opened the Word processor. Then, calling to remembrance my purpose, I said a simple prayer, asking God to give me words that would bring Him glory, or else to take them away so that I could not write. When I began typing, it was a quick process, and I found the play was devised before an hour's time. When I came to improve upon the story later, I found myself at a lack of words with which to write. Then I prayed again and what was to be written followed suit.

just that. However, that is dependent upon future events, and at the very moment, it is quite inapplicable.

In relation to this, today I submitted three separate manuscripts for publishing. One was my 400 Years of Silence (Play & Short Story), the second being its gratis counterpart, solely the short story. Last of all is the annotated version of my War at Our Doorstep six-hundred word short story, all of which will be elaborated upon at a later date.

The stories in their current state are available here, the updated versions should be hitting markets sometime next this weekend.


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