Álainn: The Beauty of a Daffodil (& brief update)

100_8525 [Daffodils]-AW (PNG)

To stay true to the Irish spirit of this day, I have used entitled this photograph with the Gaelic term "Álainn" which I am led to understand, equates to "beauty." These daffodils were picked from our garden today, for they would have inevitably wasted away from the heat if they were not promptly extricated. It is no wonder that the ancient Greeks thought so highly of their species (the narcissus) describing them in myth as beyond compare (for such was the figure characterized). The beauty of God's creation is astounding, and its complexity as well - to think that contained within a cell is a molecular factory of sorts is beyond expectation of such seeming simplicity.

Writing Update: A few days ago the iBookstore and NOOK accepted the extended edition of my 400 Years of Silence (Play) and Short Story. I may be posting the additions to this blog by revision of their corresponding posts.


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