A Discourse on Dickens

Tonight I began writing a discourse on Dicken’s work, A Tale of Two Cities, as I read the novel for the


An interesting result was produced when the contrast and brightness were tweaked - intensifying the sun, and overshadowing the famous Eiffel Tower.

first time. Below is what I have contrived thus far:

Digging… digging… digging… delving… into the depths of Charles Dicken’s literary arsenal, contained within the time-worn pages of A Tale of Two Cities. Every author has a chamber of sorts, filled with the various devices he or she has determined to accommodate in their unique authorial style. Dickens, being a seasoned writer, has a vast trove – which time and length, tedious as they are, will not allow for but a few brief examples, mainly that of repetition. It would not be unreasonable to assume that the veteran (Dickens) looked upon this particular apparatus quite favorably, in that one may observe he repeats many a concept over many a page (see what I did there? Repetition!). 

In le chapitre quatre (the fourth chapter), examples of this utilization may be found in abundance. As Mr. Lorri’s thoughts progress, a key concept is surfaced, that of “digging,” invariably tied with the cryptic saying “recalled to life,” and first mentioned in the chapter prior. Anon it is mentioned in the context of, “digging in the live red coals (23)” and furthermore “…[the table had] been oiled and oiled (more repetition, albeit not what we momentarily seek), until the two tall candles on the table in the middle of the room were gloomily reflected on every leaf; as if they were buried, in deep graves of black mahogany, and no light to speak of could be expected from them until they were dug out.” …had (24).” All serving to reinforce a single impression, and paving the way for the plot development to come. Such ingenuity marks a well contrived piece of literature, with the necessary depth to be considered a masterpiece. For repetition alone is folly without discretion.


About Zechariah Barrett

Greetings! Jambo! Hola ! 你好 ! Bonjour ! Hallo ! Привет ! Buongiorno ! こんにちは ! Thanks for checking out my profile. I'm Zechariah, an author, photographer, graphics designer, language learner, techie... I'll stop there for now. One more thing. I'm also a Christian. Depending on your life experience, that may mean different things to you. I want to assure you, however, that I don't subscribe to all the prevailing views. I don't subscribe to hate. I don't engage in party politics. I both care about a robust economy as well as the environment and social issues. I want to truly live my life by the Spirit of Christ, and that entails loving others and caring for this world. That's how I'm different. I'm not here to cast judgmental glances or make you feel like trash. My heart is to help others, and I hope that shows in all that I do. I also want to have a discussion. Not a debate, not an argument. I want to engage with my readers and viewers regardless of our differences, and then start a conversation. Let's make this world a better place. Together.

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