A Reader’s Request: The Hunger Games Analysis (TBW) & Mii Update

A Reader’s Request*

To Be Written*

This afternoon I received a request to review the Hunger Games trilogy – I did some form of this before


Getting "Kreative" with Kirby!

the box-office craze had begun, mainly focusing on the final book, Mockingjay, which I had found to be well-written, albeit with quite a graphic nature. In the next few days, however, I will begin developing a comprehensive post for the purpose of my reader’s request (readers are always welcome to make requests for posts. I realize I haven’t posted my reviews for MI:GP, or the full review for H.O.S., however, anticipated posts [even by one person] gain higher priority]).

Publication Progress

In relation to the literary realm, my free publications (War at Our Doorstep & 400 Years of Silence) have steadily been gaining popularity on retail markets (iBookstore / NOOK) and the Lulu store, with their ninety-nine cent (retail) counterparts making progress as well. If you have read any of these stories, feel free to post your feedback on my blog! It helps me grow as a writer, knowing what I’m doing right and where I can improve.

Nintendo Celebration

In the world of video game technology, it is the Nintendo 3DS’ one-year anniversary and spotpass-enabled users will receive a visit from Reggie (President and COO of Nintendo of America) in the Mii Plaza app, in celebration of the event. One may note the COO’s recently played game is “Kid Icarus: Uprising,” the latest release by Nintendo.


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