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Birthday Celebrations Make For Much Business!

I was born shortly after daybreak, this day many years ago, on a snowy April’s night.

Today was filled with much hustle-and-bustle, with volunteer work in the morning and birthday celebrations for the remainder of the day, spending time with family and friends, until night brought such festivities to an end.


This beautifully designed birthday cake portrays a typewriter with birthday congratulations produced upon its blanc and brown product.

The Parisian Experience

A few days ago I published a photography sampler eBook entitled, The Parisian Experience,

287400859115-A (PNG Image)

(Copyright © 2012) For the cover, I used one of my favorite photographs, which was well liked in its original posting on this blog. The composition depicts a Normandy harbor beautifully covered in a blanket of sunlight.

as a precursor to the full-length book I am developing.

This free edition features some of my most well-received photographs which have appeared on the Adventure Writer’s Blog, including Louis XVI, Omaha Beach, Notre Dame de Paris, and multiple others.

The book is currently being reviewed by B&N and Apple’s respective quality assurance teams.

On a different note – tomorrow I hope to post my comprehensive Hunger Games review, as well as an audio edition for the AW Blog YouTube channel.

Un Parc à Paris: The Enchantingly Tranquil Tower

100_4711-AW (PNG Image of Paris)

Depicted within this photograph is a beautiful tower situated in a prime corner of Paris, occupying a tranquil aclove filled with trees and various shrubberies. Within stands a stoic scholarly figure, unchanged but for some mere wear which comes with time, observing all who pass through his domain.

The video I mentioned last week is finally complete, which eliminates a portion of my work load, and provides me with extra time to blog (and finally post my review of the Hunger Games series as a whole).

The Bedrock of Many Colors

As a young child, I was fascinated with rocks and minerals (a peculiar inclination to be sure, albeit intellectually inducing) and enjoyed studying the various methods of testing elements (such as scraping gold against a plate of metal and comparing the particles with those of pyrite) and, not so odd, collecting specimens. It would seem a measure of that intrigue transcended boyhood into maturity, as I found myself riveted with the various structures and their respective colors which had a dream-like quality against the pure blue sky.

Around the Bend: Colorado, USA

Colorado, mountainous as it is, is without want in winding roads and beautiful, jaw-dropping landscapes. Upon my first visit, accustomed to the British Isles and the Midwest / Northeast United States, I was awestruck by the imposing stone cliffs which seemed to pierce through the clouds.

I recently finished writing a script for a Hunger Games video review, and I will be incorporating many of the elements into my eventual blog post, which should make an appearance in the next few days.

In a few weeks I’ll be in Colorado, likely using WordPress’ autopost function with drafts I’ve prepared.  Once back, Colorado photography will be in abundance.

The Crashing Waves

Over the course of a few days I developed a soundtrack for a mini-movie which I will be presenting before an English class representing the poem, Dover Beach. This is the soundtrack in question, with shooting for the video in progress:

This video is made legally using Apple Co. loops provided with the application, Garage Band, in accordance with Terms of Use.

After the Storm

Ever heard of the calm before the storm? Well this is the calm... AFTER the storm.

The Parisian Experience

Last Friday I began work on my photography eBook, preparing a free sample version for retail. However, there are various formatting kinks to be worked out which may delay release.

287400859115-A (PNG Image)

(Copyright © 2012) For the cover, I used one of my favorite photographs, which was well liked in its original posting on this blog. The composition depicts a Normandy harbor beautifully covered in a blanket of sunlight.

Vitraux de Litteau: Stained Glass of Europe

PNG Image of Stained Glass

Le Pigeonnier and manor are situated in a little Normandie town called Litteau. Within this sparse, countryside community, is founded a church with beautiful stained glass. This particular piece, however, is not of a particularly cheery disposition, depicting the act of presumably Christian martyrdom.

Pétales Blancs: Monet’s Garden

100_4972 (PNG Image)

Outreaching anthers accumulated around petals of unmitigated white and robust stalk. Anon, another intricate, unknown beauty of Giverny, reminiscent of "La Fleur Inconnue Rose."

In less contrived terms, this photograph depicts a fantastic white flower which I have little knowledge of – limited to the fact that it is grown in Monet’s garden, which is located in Giverny, France. It’s about time I searched for an expert on botany…

Rolling Hills and Lush Green Peaks

(Dreamy Mountaintops) PNG Image

Rolling hills, lush green peaks, clear blue skies, and pure white clouds painted across the horizon. It is amazing what sentiments a landscape may distill - from dark and malevolent, dreary and burdensome, to hopeful and joyous, tranquil and utopic.