Free Publications: Updates Available

In January of this year, I provided the manuscripts for my short story publications on this blog, without

The annotated version of War At Our Doorstep delves into the story, uncovering important details and casting light upon the story's various ambiguities. The story provided in this post is the original, unannotated version.

the extras provided by their ninety-nine cent counterparts, and developed my Literary Feedback page to gather the opinions of my readers and subscribers.

Since then, months have passed, and I’ve updated my publications. War at Our Doorstep has had punctuation errors and an imagery [literary] device was altered. 400 Years of Silence was extended to include additional background about the character Manasseh, and pave the way for the potential novel to come.

These new additions are available on their old posts:

If you’re looking for a quick read, these should do the trick, and as always, I’d love to have feedback (that’s why I changed “Leave a Reply” to “Share Your Opinion” – much more welcoming).


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