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The Fawn and I: Nature Compositions

100_8850 (PNG Image Render)

As a fellow blogger pointed out yesterday, deer are splendid subjects when in motion. Although, the process is not as easy as I would like. Equipped with a standard digital camera of little eloquence, I explored various mountain paths with a group of colleagues. Many deer were to be found along the way, albeit the majority of compositions were blurry or so incredibly distant, a crop could not reconcile the matter. Yet, as previously mentioned, there were a few gems to be found.

Edit: Fawn not to be confused with the mythical Faun – apparently I could not make that distinction when proofreading last night!


Fleeting Youth: Nature Photography

100E9033 (PNG)

Deer – they’re fairly common animals, especially in the midwest where their populations are starting to become unwieldy. Yet beautifully curious nonetheless, they’re fantastic photographic subjects. Especially in regards to their young, such as captured here. I cropped this portion from a much larger photograph as I was not able to draw as close as I would have liked – for the fawn fled when our group approached, followed by its parent.

Colorado: Discovering the Expanse

100E9036 (PNG Image)

While in Colorado I had the chance to funyaking, a thrill which I had not previously experienced. Accompanying me was my 12.2MP Kodak, worn from travels abroad, albeit none the worse for wear. With abounding wildlife and scenic views at every turn, I had to have taken hundreds of pictures, among which a few gems may be found. The mountains in the distance, the vibrant green, deep blue and tranquil whites, combined with the birds soaring freely overhead, create a wonderful tone for this composition.

New Header for Memorial Day

In honor of the veterans and in-service troops who have dutifully served their country, I am adding a commemorative banner of Omaha Beach for Memorial Day.

New Header for 2012 Memorial Day!

Back in Action: Dynamic Blogging

The Adventure Writer’s Blog hasn’t seen much action as of late, however, that is going to change starting yesterday. With exception to emergencies, daily posts will be back in play, and the site will experience a fresh alteration – that of randomized headers and a new social icon: Facebook (give it a click, it’s actually Google+).

Colorado photography will kick things off, and I’ll post my thoughts on The Hunger Games, albeit not a comprehensive review as originally requested. The requestor in question (who suggested the topic) is one of my old classmates, who is reviewing one of my novel manuscripts, attending Summit, and all around keeping busy.

Thanks for reading the Adventure Writer’s Blog, feel free to peruse the pages as more are added and a few are taken away. The header will transition between various familiar scenes drawn from posts prior.

Dreamy Mountaintops: My Return to Colorado


My recent return to Colorado resulted in an immense collection of photographs, portraying beautiful snow-laden mountaintops and stunning wildlife compositions. I altered this picture slightly with Mac’s default editor, enhancing detail and depth.

It Has Been a While…

…since my last post and all of my activity came to a sudden halt Friday, with exception to visiting family  this afternoon. The past week has been insanely busy with never-ending equations to unravel, literature and film to analyze, inquiries to satisfy, and various papers to be signed and approved. Now, however, it is at an end! That is, for a while.

In a few days I shall depart for Colorado and have a deal of time for leisurely writing (professionally enjoyable), photography, assorted thrills and contemplations. Thereafter shall the Adventure Writer’s Blog see an immense spike in activity and content.

I will see what I may compose in the way of drafts for my absence.

Thanks for reading!

-Adventure Writer

Notre Dame de La Rue: Paris, France

(100_4765-AW) PNG Image

Over the years, the famous Notre Dame of Paris has been captured at many different angles. There are various bridges spanning the length of the Seine throughout Paris – each offering their own unique advantage of composition. My most popular Notre Dame depiction was taken while floating upon the Seine, not at all uncanny. In this particular instance, however, I explored the “less pretty side,” viewing the Notre Dame from the streets of Paris on a very dreary and unabated rainy day.

L’éthique du Travail: Midwest United States

100_1395 (PNG Image)

This midwestern farmer is hard at work, cutting tree limbs down to size in order to suit his purposes. The photograph was altered to appear to match the desired tone – one of a subdued, tranquil nature.

Busy, busy! (anon)

Lately I’ve done such little posting due to an increasingly busy schedule – in regards to The Hunger Games review, I received the request to write it from a colleague I know through my educational pursuits, and he wished that I would compose it simply to express my perspective on the subject, yet he did not need it (nor could he read it immediately) to be published in a hurry. Therefore I’ve pushed it back slightly in my scheduled posts. As often has occurred, my obligations will soon be fulfilled in a few week’s time and I will once again be free to blog.

Thanks for reading the Adventure Writer’s Blog!