A Labyrinth of Literary Proportions

The novel surreptitiously mentioned on the About Me page has had significant progress and I hope to be querying publishers, God willing, in August.

1 Chronicles 29:11

New King James Version (NKJV) – Verse of the Day

11 Yours, O Lord, is the greatness,
The power and the glory,
The victory and the majesty;
For all that is in heaven and in earth is Yours;
Yours is the kingdom, O Lord,
And You are exalted as head over all.

I understand I have many readers that are opposed to my worldview, which is one of the reasons I encourage them to read my About page which includes the mission statement for this blog, especially:

This blog is not in any way meant to badger, slander, or reflect and elaborate upon darkly sarcastic, cynical, satirical topics and discussions. I will abide by Biblical standards and keep a civil tone in my writings. As a Christian, I agree with the statement made by Brother Andrew, author of God’s Smuggler: that we are not anti people of other religions or other beliefs, rather “pro-Christ.” I am open to the expression of one’s personal beliefs, though you may certainly expect to see me express mine in return. This blog is for informative and expressive purposes – if you have any questions, please leave a comment on one of my posts.

That said, I have chosen Christianity out of a deeply-rotted inward desire for purpose. To become part of something that is bigger than myself, with eternal continuance and universal ramifications. Via educational mediums I have come to understand many of the predominant world views of our time and their  origins, beliefs, implications, and arguments (Agnosticism, Post-Modernism, Neo-Darwinism, Darwinism, Creationism, Atheism [variations], Theistic Evolutionism, Cosmic Evolution [Buddhism, New Age, Hinduism], Secular Humanism, [Greek Philosophical] Humanism, Marxist-Leninism, Islam, Protestant Christianity, Mormonism, Catholicism, Judaism). Consequently, each worldview have quite unique perspectives across the board in politics, ethics, sociology, psychology, and whatnot. Each must be studied in part to understand the whole.

However, instead of weakening my faith, these studies have served to strengthen my belief in God, the teachings of Jesus, and His resurrection for our sakes. I do not believe I am superstitious or illogical, for I follow not blindly, but with faith and reason. Paul’s ministry was not that of mockery, hatred, and foolishness, but a logical comprehension of society and its respective views, presenting Christ’s doctrine compassionately to all who He encounters (including his jailers under Nero, many of which converted to Christianity). I believe that today’s Christianity is a perverted deviation from the truth, and Biblical Christianity may be observed in those few who passionately, selflessly, and wholeheartedly follow Christ in serving others and living out His purpose.

If my book were to become significantly popular, or simply generate inquiry, I would desire to give any praise up to God. I hope this will help readers understand my future actions and statements.


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