Content ID Strikes Again!

For the third time on the same video, YouTube’s Content ID program has informed me that I have infringed on the copyright of others.

Due to the amount of such claims, I have developed a thorough explanation to be sent to each owner of said “infringed content” :

The content used within this video, and my other videos, are from loops provided by the Apple Corporation within their garage band application. These loops, Apple has stated, may be used without infringement ramifications with the stipulation that they are not used in their original form and sold as loops (for full legal terms, see terms of use). Without inspiration from music, videos, etc. I developed my videos from loops in a creative, legal manner, as permitted by Apple. The mistaken content ID match is likely generated due to Apple’s loops within the video, as has occurred with the other cases where my videos have been identified as matching copyrighted content, when in fact they are consisting of these loops mentioned. I thank YouTube and Google for their dedication to protecting the rights of their respective owners, as I too am a copyright holder. However, I would greatly appreciate if a distinction could be made with Garage Band loops, as those who use them as properly stipulated are not in violation copyright.

(Prior Claims were Released)



About Zechariah Barrett

Greetings! Jambo! Hola ! 你好 ! Bonjour ! Hallo ! Привет ! Buongiorno ! こんにちは ! Thanks for checking out my profile. I'm Zechariah, an author, photographer, graphics designer, language learner, techie... I'll stop there for now. One more thing. I'm also a Christian. Depending on your life experience, that may mean different things to you. I want to assure you, however, that I don't subscribe to all the prevailing views. I don't subscribe to hate. I don't engage in party politics. I both care about a robust economy as well as the environment and social issues. I want to truly live my life by the Spirit of Christ, and that entails loving others and caring for this world. That's how I'm different. I'm not here to cast judgmental glances or make you feel like trash. My heart is to help others, and I hope that shows in all that I do. I also want to have a discussion. Not a debate, not an argument. I want to engage with my readers and viewers regardless of our differences, and then start a conversation. Let's make this world a better place. Together.

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