Blogging Language or, “Why I Write Like This”

In the information age, blogs are becoming more widespread by the day, with thousands of self-proclaimed professionals, commercial know-how’s, culinary wizards, and the like. Various writing styles dominate the scene, ranging from informal, witty dialogues, to formal dissertations.

This blog, in particular, exhibits a style which generally deters teens and younger audiences. The examples below are a great indicator as to why.

“Tonight I composed a scene in which my characters, as toddlers, had an altercation over a board game gone sour. Luckily, however, their grandpa came in to save the day… and advance the plot.” (Blogging style and complex novel aspects)

“A few hours ago I worked on a part of my story where my characters, as little kids, fought about a board game. Lemme tell you, chess pieces were flying! Though their grandpa helped out in the end, and made it so the story could continue.” (Although I wouldn’t say “lemme tell you,” this is my simpler form of writing which I incorporate in my stories)

The first portion of text was drawn from a prior post regarding literary contradictions (argumentative dialogue), and it certainly provides for a great contrast to more formal writing.

My writing style consists of both elements, incorporating simple dialogues and narratives for uncomplicated circumstances, and a much more formal and art-driven form which guides those portions of the plot (or posts) which may be deemed multifaceted, abstract, and/or more suitably described in such a manner. The latter dominates my essays, debates, and mature conversations. While the prior may be reserved for every-day life, [certain] forums, etc.


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