“Tweeting” – An Alien Phenomena

Instead of a love-hate relationship Twitter, I’ve had a confused-understood one.

While I’ve begun “tweeting” myself, at fairly regular intervals apart from Publicize, I am still detached from the bunch that manage to tweet at an hourly basis. Sure, I could say I’ve been munching on a spicy, bacon and vegetable roll (which incidentally had a piece of plastic wrapped in. How did that happen? Maybe I do have some good material here. 1h “Almost choked on a piece of plastic.” Comedy gold… right.), reading textbooks,  jogging about the house in between reading sessions (and taking bites of that roll after each session. Well, that was before the plastic.), querying agents, watching the DNC, RNC (I watched both to maintain a balance and stay openminded)… but is all of that really monumentally intriguing? And in the time that I’m typing up the tweet on my Blackberry, couldn’t I have read another paragraph on prepositions and repetition (not that it would be more intriguing, only more productive)? Couldn’t that witty remark be saved for the next blog post or novel?

I can see how Twitter may be a monumental aid in advertising and connecting with friends, family, businesses, fans, etc. but I’ve also observed how so many tweets are just lost in the void. Whether or not they are of superb quality, profound implications, they are like chaff to the wind in the midst of thousands, millions, billions of voices clambering for a moment in the spotlight.

Consistent tweeting works for some people. They have hundreds of thousands of followers who may chuckle at their quips, or snarky observations. Their tweets are generated at a breakneck pace, an unrelenting flow of information. It breaks off into personal streams, where it is redistributed again and again.

That’s the beauty of it. If you make it big, if you get notice, you can make an impact with your career, get your message out in quick bursts and frequent intervals.

In my case though, I think I’ll be sticking to a few times a day, if that.

You’ll find the AW Blog here, with occasional publishing updates, political remarks, and other bits and pieces.

I personally like it that way. What’s your take on Twitter?



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  1. Hilarious, man! I couldn’t agree more about twitter. If you can think of something that funny, and you are an author or comedian, why not put it in your next piece? Or spend that time writing something of significance? Very insightfull.

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