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Lego Universe Overview

Lego Universe

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Your dream world is only a block away – literally. With Lego Universe, possibilities are limitless.

Be your own action hero and set out on adventures, create your own team of warriors or join an existing group, make your alliances, collect your items, trade your wares, compete in races, frequently challenges, survival matches, a more! Lego certainly pulls out all the stops. This isn’t like Lego Star Wars or Lego Indiana Jones – even Lego Harry Potter, which end once you finish the plot and achieve all the bonuses. The Lego Universe team is adding new things all the time – and with hundreds of missions, achievements, and items to collect – you’ll be busy for a very long time, and may even find yourself falling behind as more and more updates are added. Which is certainly a plus, after many MMORPG’s that seem to have constant dull moments as new updates take extended

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Gazing upon the barren landscape, the ninja contemplates the path before him.

periods of time to be made.

Lego Universe is a fun game for all ages – though certainly recommended for younger audiences, as it was custom tailored for them. You can’t expect an in-depth plot, or deep contemplations – it’s the magic of Lego, and its simplicity is its charm.

Specific age-rating wise, it’s rated E 10+ for a good reason. Though ESRB sums it up in “Cartoon Violence.” For young children, such as those under 10, there’s also the possible “scary images” to consider. Although it may not faze a typical video game fan, or 10+ year old, its like an eerie tale told by the campfire – it inspires a reaction of fear, which may not be merited by older audiences. Lego, however, has not thought up anything entirely dreadful, and morality isn’t in question.

It’s a fine game overall – astoundingly interactive, and exhausting in possibilities, it’ll keep children, teens, and even the young at heart, entertained time and time again.

Lego Universe Series: Introduction

LEGO Universe Make a Maelstrom infected Monste...

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To kick off my MMORPG reviews, I’ve developed an organized system with which to categorize them… by making categories as usual. To view any of my Lego Universe posts, simply click on the Lego Universe Series category (among the other categories) on the right sidebar of my blog.

Lego Universe has certainly proved to be a surprising experience. Each aspect of gameplay is a mystery in itself, proving sometimes to be more fun than the task at hand. It is however, quite concentrated on Lego fans. If you hold a sentiment of distaste toward Lego PC games on a typical basis, then LU certainly won’t be much different in your sight. However, if you indeed meddle in such games as Lego Star Wars, and find yourself impressed by the childlike magic and wonder of the worlds within, then I would certainly recommend this medium as a much more “daring” alternative.