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Latest WordPress Theme: Piano Black

I recently tried out Piano Black on one of my blogs to see if it met up with the same standards I’ve grown accustomed to with Mystique. In it’s abilities, it reminded my of Freshy, a nice simple theme without the addition of post formats, etc. The style, however, is another matter entirely. Once applied to your blog, Piano Black provides dramatic “renovations,” especially if, like I once did, you currently have Freshy. Not only is it a darker theme than most, it also would appear to be more elegant, utilizing smooth black-to-white gradients, a fitting contrast between light and dark themes – culminating into a nice curve on the bottom of the page. It’d be great for pop culture blogs, suspenseful writing blogs, and maybe even a new blog. It has an abundance of potential, considering the possible addition of a banner can add a unique touch fitting with any sort of blog genre. I must say it’s quite impressive! It’s not astoundingly complex or as high-end as some bloggers may require, but it adds a great, irreplaceable tone to whatever blog equips it.

Theme Review: Linen

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Linen is an example of the possibilities bloggers are given with premium themes. Featuring an ingenious post highlights display and room for creative incorporations. It holds the possibility of complimenting a news or pop culture blog, even a simple art-based expression blog would be able to find potential in this theme. It is simple, but with a certain charm.

I’d love to see how various blogs utilize this theme.

Tapestry: Another Brilliant Theme

One of the latest themes released by WordPress, Tapestry, provides yet another choice theme for bloggers, out of the plethora of themes thus far. Neatly organized, and brilliantly simple – this theme is great for multi-purpose blogs – featuring podcast, photography, and post highlights. Its too bad that its not free however – however, for commercial blogs, it may be well worth the cost.

As WordPress themeshaper Ian Steward describes:

“The Tapestry theme accounts for all 10 Post Formats available. How? Tapestry designers, StudioPress describe it this way: “You take pictures, you write stories and opinions, you make videos, you link to cool stuff all the time. Tapestry takes everything you make online, and makes perfect, beautiful sense of it.” With 10 unique icons and a compact layout Tapestry lets you blog your heart out while keeping everything neatly organized.

But that’s not all. Tapestry has options for selecting your layout, custom Widgets, a Custom Header, and a Custom Background. You can even control what content is shown in your blog archive pages. Interested? You can find more information on the Tapestry theme in our Theme Showcase or preview it live on your site from Appearance → Themesunder the Premium tab.”

The Morning After – WordPress Theme

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One of the best themes I’ve seen around! And for free no less? A brilliantly organized theme that adds that special “BIG TIME” blog feel. A theme I’m seriously considering either for this blog or a future one.

In the words of WordPress, The Morning After sports a special home page template with featured posts, three available widget areas, and special styles for posts in the “Aside” format. Also included is an optional full-width page template that removes the sidebar and full support for a custom menu, header and background. A robust theme options menu allows for further customization: header links, page headings, full or partial content an archive pages, and more.”

This is one feature-packed theme that many bloggers should consider!

Free Themes: No cost, no quality?

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The Low-Down on Free Themes

Juxtaposed to my previous review theme review, Premium Themes: Are they worth the cost?, this particular view focuses rather more on the freebie themes that WordPress has provided – in particular, the new Liquorice theme. As with all things free, you must take into account the good old Economic value of TINSAAFL: There Is No Such Thing As A Free Lunch. Which goes to say, time and effort must be put in and resources must be used, even if something is free. Another factor that goes along with this is – a company never puts out their best player without a cost. The same goes for WordPress themes. While Premium Themes may be tremendously elaborate and professional, Free themes may appear quite modest (more on that later) and down to Earth – with less dynamic content. They may tend to appear unattractive in this sense, as they are your average ordinary themes – with at least over a hundred users applying it to their blogs. It keeps you tied to the status of rockbottom average, rather than high-class entrepreneurship and innovation. Though is this apparent fact really true?

The Beauty of It

What is wrong with being average? And does one’s theme really hinder their blogging progress? Hardly! Average blogs can receive millions of views – even more than professional blogs, simply due to content alone. Sure, a nice theme provides for a pleasant environment in which to read and linger – yet a down-to-Earth, modest theme certainly does the trick just fine. I’d say it’s a matter of searching through the various free themes available, and identifying the one that most accurately conveys the primary focus of your blog. In this way – the Premium Themes may be seen as lacking. Not only are free themes greater in number, they also have a tremendous beauty in their simplicity. Just take a look at WordPresses’ latest theme, Licorice, with its old-style lobster font and nostalgic coloring. Or the deep, natural environment of Dark Wood, with its tremendous show of deep, soothing shades of brown. Perhaps one of my personal favorites, Choco, portraying a rich, classic journalism theme with fantastically accomplished organization and well-accommodating simplicity.

I myself have settled with Freshy – a blank slate for your imagination to roam and become manifest. The theme may not appear to be accomplished in style, though it’s plain, eye-easy coloring makes it a pleasure to scroll through.

Premium Themes: Are they worth the cost?


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WordPress introduced a new line of premium themes recently, being Pretty Young Theme, Traction, and Crisp. But are they worth the one-time cost of 45-75 dollars?

It is as I stated in a comment once,

“[They] are… truly impressive themes. And certainly worth the money if you want to enhance your blog to such an extent.”

The time and effort taken to make these themes is evident, and the cleanliness, organization, & overall appeal is quite astounding in some remarks. Paying a fee of 45$, in a one-time exchange no less, seems to be quite a deal.

Yet who’s it for? Although I may not be buying a Premium Theme anytime soon, it’s certainly something I’ll consider in the future when I’ve published my novels. They are terrific for organizations – big and small, and simply recreational blogs, as long as they have the sufficient funds.