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Prepare to be hungry.

Culinary Adventures with Beef & Broccoli

Boeuf avec Broccoli-AW[cc:rz]

From time to time I post pictures of my various "culinary creations." Tonight, it wasn't an apple pie, nor chocolate chip cookies, but rather broccoli beef, one of my favorite oriental dishes! If your computer or device recognizes foreign language characters, you may note the title above is in Chinese... albeit, I am sure it's not exactly one hundred percent précis, I made the attempt in order to follow with the foreign language titles I’ve been using lately. For my rendition of this famous Chinese-American dish, I made a sweet-tasting sauce with soy, white sugar, sesame seed oil, garlic powder, and a few other “secret” ingredients. Quite good, albeit more experimentation is needed.

DP Photo Journal: That’s One Refreshing Cocoa!

It was a cold day on the Normandy harbor and hot cocoa was the perfect companion for such a day. Made with the rich, dark chocolate common to France - it was... as my niece once pronounced, "WEE-FWESHING!"

Homemade Apple Pie

At the beginning of this year I found I enjoyed cooking. Since then I’ve experimented with cheesecakes, spaghetti, an of-the-moment pasta while in France (with beef, sausages, and various types of Italian pasta), and now pies!

Here was today’s result…

Apple Pie Blog AW

With a nice, homemade crust.

The crust was made with a cup of flour, teaspoon or so of salt, two tablespoons of water, and 2/3 cup and 1 tsp. Crisco, lightly coated with Robert’s Skim Milk and a fine layer of sugar. The interior was created with a pre-made mix.

Chocolate Pecan Central

Italian Restaurant Surprise

A Wonderful Chocolate Adventure

Waffle Delight

A Waffle of Mass Proportions

A waffle, created by moi, pour moi. Waffly Goodness!

The picture says it all: Y-U-M.

Spinach Encounter!

Spinach-Fruit Juice

Delicious... and nutritious?

Regardless of the captions [courtesy: a moi], this drink actually isn’t half bad. Tastes more like a strawberry-banana smoothie, than an intimidating vegetable concoction.



-3x Frozen Strawberries

-2x Frozen Bananas

-3x Handfuls of Fresh Spinach

-1x Handful of  Blueberries

-1x Cup of Water