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The Dark Knight Rises: July 20th, 2012

July 20, 2012

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Psyched to find an official trailer released, looks like it’ll be an interesting wrap-up. Look for the review shortly after July 20th on the Adventure Writer’s Blog!

Green Lantern: Movie Review

Green Lantern

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“Billions of years ago a race of immortals harnessed the most powerful force in existence. The emerald energy of willpower. These immortals, the guardians of the universe, built a world from where they could watch over all of existence. The planet Oa. A ring powered by the energy of will was sent to every sector of the universe to select a recruit. In order to be chosen by the ring, it was said one must be without fear. Together these recruits formed the intergalactic peacekeepers known as… THE GREEN LANTERN CORE. The gravest threat the core ever faced was Parallax, an entity that fed on the yellow power of fear. After defeating the core’s finest warrior, the search for a successor began, and for the first time the ring chose… a human.” -From the official movie trailer

In Brightest Day,

In Blackest Night,

No Evil Shall Escape My Sight,

Let Those Who Worship Evil’s Might,

Beware My Power – Green Lantern’s Light!

Initial Impression

As I mentioned in an earlier post, the Green Lantern has received mixed reviews which, as a consumer, make it difficult to ascertain a proper outlook on the movie. In this review, I hope to set forth a proper idea of how the movie may be received, and how it measures up in terms of enjoyability.

Green Lantern has been released at a time where Marvel films are all the rage and on the rise, setting a high bar of expectation and anticipation. Before I saw the movie, I had my doubts that it would match up to films such as Thor, and X-Men: First Class. I must say, however, that all in all it is a movie that is good in quality and worth seeing. Now for the nitty gritty…


Green Lantern takes off on a different tangent from other origin stories, straying from the storyline of animated films Green Lantern: First Flight and Emerald Knights and portraying a fresh, new outlook on the life of Hal Jordan and his initiation into the lanterns. The film starts with the trailer introduction then fades into a scene where we see Hal sleeping in bed – a woman at his side. Instantly we have a glimpse of his character – the naked woman (covered by a blanket) instantly gives the impression that the man is not married, and most likely has little relational commitment, preferring the bachelor life. He wakes up with the start of his alarm clock and jumps out of his bed, wearing only his underwear. He throws on his clothes, and rushes out the door, turning only to tell the girl, “Make yourself at home! There’s… water in the tap” – this guy is definitely no Tony Stark. From this point, we get a quick look at Hal’s life – he’s a fighter pilot working for the United States military, today he’s been given the challenge of testing out the capabilities of two freshly engineered automated fighters by engaging them in battle. He displays a show of recklessness and overall carelessness in his work, taking the situation quite lightly, even when he’s at the brink of death. During Hal’s theatrics he is also distracted by continual flashbacks of the past, where a young Hal watches his father emerging from the cockpit of his plane, only to be killed by an explosion, much to young Hal’s horror. All the while, his wingman Carol Ferris (or woman, rather) is flying beside him, and Hal makes a spontaneous decision to use her as bait. After a “successful run” (in Hal’s perspective), he finds himself being lectured on how idiotic he performed, rather than the praise he most likely expected.

A short while afterwards, Hal visits the bar with Carol and their romantic interest begins to develop in the storyline. They have a dance at the bar, but Hal runs out when the touchy subject of his father is brought up. As if it couldn’t get any worse, Hal is suddenly picked up by a sphere or emerald energy, and shot across the city at lightning speed, only to be dropped off at an alien crash site – go figure! Here Hal encounters a dying Abin Sur, the heir of the ring belonging to the first Green Lantern, Avra (see my Green Lantern: Emerald Knights review, coming soon, for more information!).

Christian & Family Perspective

The Green Lantern isn’t quite like he was in the cartoons, which explains the PG-13 rating (although the animated First Flight film also had a PG-13 rating). There is a great deal of images that would frighten a young child, cursing, and even further content that is only appropriate for teens and older. Hal and Carol have conversations that at times reference a prior sexual relationship.  The Green Lantern film actually has some parallels with the Christian life – especially in the concept of fear. Fear is to be overcome, as it says in II Timothy 1:7…

7  “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. (NKJV)”

Human willpower, however, is not almighty – it only by God’s power alone that we truly overcome selfishness, fear, etc.