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Weekly Photo Challenge: Waiting

Waiting For a Wish

Weekly Photo Challenge: Family


Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

A close family stays together through thick and thin, even though storms may come.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Wonder

And we’re back to glass refraction with Coca-Cola! If you missed my last photograph, apparently quite well-liked by viewers, you can see it here.

Light refraction through the medium of a Coca-Cola glass onto a large mirror. Made for an interesting shot. This one, however, more clearly displays the mediums involved.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows

European architecture is tremendously ornate - I've uploaded this image at full resolution so that the windows on this structure may be clearly seen by zooming in.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Hidden


The clouds veil the deep blue sky and history is hidden over the horizon...

Weekly Photo Challenge: Opportunity [Deux]


Weekly Photo Challenge: Possibility

With possibilities... the sky is the limit.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Comfort


A nice cup of hot chocolate on a cold winters day...


The companionship of a dog, a cat... sheep?


Sometimes it's simply best to get a breath of fresh air.


The ultimate comfort.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sunset

After the Storm

Ever heard of the calm before the storm? Well this is the calm... AFTER the storm.

Beautiful water-side fireworks (B).

Beautiful water-side fireworks.