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From Colorado to France.

Cheval Ailé et Tour Eiffel: France Photography

Paris Portait (PNG Image)

Ahhh, beautiful Paris! This wonderful sunset scene was captured a few paces away from “Le Coucher du Lion.” Also in the vicinity of the popular Louvre and the Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel.

As the others, this photograph was taken using the Kodak Easyshare M341, with a focal length of 6mm, and settings at 1/400s, f/3.1, ISO 80. Thank-you WordPress.




Point de la Mort: Nouveau – WWII Render

Derived from the post “Point de la Mort: World War II,” I developed artistically rendered this photograph to alter its tone and pave the way for a future use, perhaps as a book or short story cover (War at Our Doorstep, for example). The iMac’s Preview application has been invaluable for such tweaking.

Normandy Cannon (PNG Image)

“During World War 2, these cannons were more than menacing. Having significant range to fire upon the beaches a substantial few miles away, the man operating this machine of death could be almost completely disconnected from the battle at hand.” This render was cropped and meddled with until it had the color and tone I had been hoping to establish.

The Horse and Rider

Horse and Rider (PNG Image)

A rendered shadow of a horse and its rider. Albeit it could use a touch-up here and there.

I was searching through my photography and video collections, in hopes of finding something worth posting (and catching up with what posts I’ve missed in the postaday2012 challenge), when I had the idea of capturing a frame in one video, upon seeing the shadow of a horse and I. With GIMP, I added some extra effects to bring the graphic “to life,” although not without the consistent combo of CTRL | CMD + Z (undo). The scattered bits of pixel are due to a mishap with the “magic wand.”

A Parisian Medley: Photographie

Rouen-Giverny (PNG Image)

A photographic medley of France. I incorporated flowers from Monet’s Garden in Giverny and the memorial cross of Joan of Arc in Rouen. ©2012 Zechariah Barrett – All Rights Reserved.

Up the Mangled Tree: Leaning on Firm Ground (II)

100_8789-AW (JPEG Image)

“We found this tree while searching the mountainside for our kayaking destination. I struck me as peculiar and I decided to snap a pic while stumbling over the steep, rock-strewn slope.” And boy was it steep at times, or perhaps it only seemed so, since I was attempting to take decent compositions along the way while keeping up with our party. Note the blur in the upper-left hand corner, tis’ evidence of my… “gracefulness.”

The Crashing Waves

The first imagery presented in my novel is that of crashing waves (and a rude awakening to boot). Within the prologue, it sets a mysterious tone for the novel, albeit does not come to fruition until the seventh chapter. It was also the first passage I turned to when I began systematically revising my novel for stylistic disruptions.

Below are photographs I’ve taken on my travels, any guess as to where? Or what [type of] body of water? The answer may seem surprising.

CoverOcean-AW (PNG Image)

A beautiful portrait of the interweaving hues of blue, lapping against the shore with great tranquility.

Crashing Waves-AW (JPEG Image)

This crop is my favorite of the two, albeit not the one used for my “working cover,” due to size restrictions. The scope of the waves, and the flow of the water is much more comprehensive.


The location was by far not the most striking, as Oregon, Ireland, or France. Although I attained some nice compositions, with some slight altering to return them to their intended beauty.



Lackluster & Brilliancy: Contrast in Photography

Often times, when a photographic gem presents itself, it must be captured in the spur-of-the-moment, during which the adjustment of the lens, exposure, and whatnot will result in the loss of a moving subject. A few days ago I provided a glimpse at what little steps I take to restore compositions to their intended beauty.

Below is the original (albeit cropped and resized for space preservation and artistic purposes) version of the Courageous Takeoff, as well as the modified version which was included in the Goose~ology post.

"Unaltered" PNG Image

Unaltered with exception to cropping, resizing, and reformatting (JPEG – PNG). No touch-ups.

Altered PNG Image

What follows “The Triumphant Charge?” The Courageous Takeoff.

The difference is staggering, is it not?





Duck~ology: Neighbors Set Apart

The duck population and the goose population, while inhabiting the same territory, keep their distance. While the “doose hybrid” is excluded from both parties.

100_9995 (PNG)

The evening light dances upon the waters as a duck awaits its companions.

100_9993 (PNG)

A mallard surveys the tranquil waters.

The celebration tonight was a tremendous success and I had just enough time to go canoeing with a friend and engage in some photography. The lake where these ducks live is, unfortunately, filled with pollution from the city streets. Garbage and toxic chemicals make the place rather unhandsome for fishing, and an odious habitation for the wildwife.


Leaning on Firm Ground: Nature Photography

Tonight I’m working on a slideshow consisting of pictures from my childhood, for a special occasion tomorrow. And now, without further ado, the “warped tree!”

PNG Image

We found this tree while searching the mountainside for our kayaking destination. I struck me as peculiar and I decided to snap a pic while stumbling over the steep, rock-strewn slope.

Beautiful Header Photography: Introduction (recipes & locations)

As readers may encounter these headers on a continual basis, I thought to provide some background information (particularly location):

Omaha Beach Cemetery – Normandy, France

Flower of Monet’s Garden: Giverny, France

Adventure Writer: Estes Park, Colorado, USA

Mont Saint Michel: Normandy, France

Goose Looking at Autumn Leaf: Litteau, Normandy, France

“Sunset Lion,” graphic alteration of lion statue: Paris, France

Christ Jesus on the Cross, Notre Dame (one of many): Rouen, France

Beef & Broccoli @ Home: Sesame seed oil, soy sauce, vegetable oil (or butter), sea salt, chicken soup broth, paired with rice or ramen noodles.

Beautiful Blue Sky and Pure White Clouds: Midwest, USA

Nestle Tollhouse Chocolate Chip Cookies @ Home (oats omitted from recipe)

Le Pigeonnier: Litteau, Normandy, France.

Omaha Beach Cemetery, “Forever Hallowed…” Memorial: Normandy France

“Dreamy Mountaintops” – Colorado, USA