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First Look at Project Ordine

In order to prevent confusion with other organizations, my novel now has the working title: Project Ordine. The changes will be in effect on the site very soon.

Snow Storm in the Mountains

Snow Storm in the Mountains (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Below is an excerpt from the seventh chapter. Certain names have been replaced [ ] with more generic appellations in order to prevent certain plot points from being revealed:

Romanesque – it is a word with fantastic image inducing qualities capable of sending one back in time to an era of much finer and more elaborate architectural design. It exudes curving forms and engraved figures, dramatic arches and extraordinary proportions. In these regards, romanesque is the perfect word to describe the [Enemy] headquarters in Siberia.

Why someone would ever desire to build a base in Siberia is beyond me, [Susan] thought to herself as a fierce chill overcame her and the agents around her. Moments ago they had descended from their assault chopper when the rotor, too, seemed to whine in complaint as the cold set upon it. Now they were in the blinding white of a Soviet Union wasteland, attempting to locate the hiding place of the infamous [Moriarty de Mort]. In such a place it felt as if time itself stood still, lost in oblivion – it was no wonder the German troops had so readily lost their ground in World War II, for it was such a surreal and bitter setting. Another gust of wind ravaged their party, albeit this time it served some use. The snow momentarily parted before them, revealing an ominous monolith in the distance. They had arrived.

Beautiful Header Photography: Introduction (recipes & locations)

As readers may encounter these headers on a continual basis, I thought to provide some background information (particularly location):

Omaha Beach Cemetery – Normandy, France

Flower of Monet’s Garden: Giverny, France

Adventure Writer: Estes Park, Colorado, USA

Mont Saint Michel: Normandy, France

Goose Looking at Autumn Leaf: Litteau, Normandy, France

“Sunset Lion,” graphic alteration of lion statue: Paris, France

Christ Jesus on the Cross, Notre Dame (one of many): Rouen, France

Beef & Broccoli @ Home: Sesame seed oil, soy sauce, vegetable oil (or butter), sea salt, chicken soup broth, paired with rice or ramen noodles.

Beautiful Blue Sky and Pure White Clouds: Midwest, USA

Nestle Tollhouse Chocolate Chip Cookies @ Home (oats omitted from recipe)

Le Pigeonnier: Litteau, Normandy, France.

Omaha Beach Cemetery, “Forever Hallowed…” Memorial: Normandy France

“Dreamy Mountaintops” – Colorado, USA












Notre Dame de La Rue: Paris, France

(100_4765-AW) PNG Image

Over the years, the famous Notre Dame of Paris has been captured at many different angles. There are various bridges spanning the length of the Seine throughout Paris – each offering their own unique advantage of composition. My most popular Notre Dame depiction was taken while floating upon the Seine, not at all uncanny. In this particular instance, however, I explored the “less pretty side,” viewing the Notre Dame from the streets of Paris on a very dreary and unabated rainy day.

Un Parc à Paris: The Enchantingly Tranquil Tower

100_4711-AW (PNG Image of Paris)

Depicted within this photograph is a beautiful tower situated in a prime corner of Paris, occupying a tranquil aclove filled with trees and various shrubberies. Within stands a stoic scholarly figure, unchanged but for some mere wear which comes with time, observing all who pass through his domain.

The video I mentioned last week is finally complete, which eliminates a portion of my work load, and provides me with extra time to blog (and finally post my review of the Hunger Games series as a whole).

The Lion, The Pigeon, and The Fantastical Manor (witch and wardrobe not included)

100_5623-AW (PNG Image)

In a previous post entitled, "The Lion and the Pigeon House (no wardrobe this time)" I shared a cropped version of this photograph in a romanticized format. This time, however, c'est vrais (it's true - no alterations). "While travelling in Europe I had the pleasure of staying in a pigeon house, which was much more hospitable than would sound. It was remodeled by a British couple, and the only indication of what it once was were the shoe-box sized holes dotting the curved walls. (The pigeon house in this photograph is the cone shaped building)." The manor (center) is for guests who are willing to pay extra for luxury and meal accommodations - we, however, did fine at our quaint (and superbly comfortable) pigeon house, crafting our own scrumptious repas with local ingredients.

A Walk Through Rouen

PNG Image of Rouen

Rouen is a city of great historical significance and extraordinary beauty. One may walk along its streets, observing modern stores which are seemingly out of place within these quaint edifices. Beyond, the fair lady of Rouen is ever in sight, in much the manner as her sister in Paris, yet of a significantly unique construction.

Omaha Beach: Forever Hallowed

Inscribed upon this monument, located at the heart of Omaha Beach, is the following text: "THIS EMBATTLED SHORE, PORTAL OF FREEDOM, IS FOREVER HALLOWED BY THE IDEALS, THE VALOR AND THE SACRIFICES OF OUR FELLOW COUNTRYMEN" (1)

Parisian Architecture at the National Music Academy

100_5912-AW (PNG Image)

Le Academie Nationale de Musique est une belle œuvre de l'architecture - the National Academy of Music in Paris is, like many of the buildings around it, an exquisite architectural specimen - laced with gold borders, nostalgic figures, and other such artistic wonders. Paris is an astounding city from first glance, and entering into the city, aside from some of the more modern buildings (such as the airport, of course... and all the cars and motorbikes), one may feel as if they have stepped back in time.

Le Grand Palais: The Wonders of Paris


This building was originally featured on this blog in the photograph "Floating Along the Seine." Le Grand Palais "is a large historic site, exhibition hall and museum complex located at the Champs-Élysées (Wikipedia)." Beautifully ornate statues are placed throughout the grounds of the complex, and one may even take a stroll along the Alexandre III Bridge which encompasses its frontal perimeter above the Seine, (and is portrayed in this photograph). It is one of the many wonders of Paris and may be suitably viewed from one of the numerous tour-guide boats which occupy the river.

Éireann: The Beauty of the British Isles


While in Europe, I had the chance to visit many a cathedral. From the Notre Dame de Paris and Rouen, to this one in Ireland. They each have their own unique architectural qualities and resulting "personalities" (I believe the moss and other natural accentuations do a great deal to add character). The original photograph was not to my usual standard, due to the model of digital camera I was using (years ago), with obsolete (in comparison with the cameras of today) composition functionality and only a few megapixels to boast of. Therefore, as in the past, I have modified it with Mac's Preview application. Adjusting brightness, contrast, detail, saturation, and adding a touch of sepia. The watercolor quality of the graphic is intentional.