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Lately I’ve been wondering how I may organize all my posts. There’s so many topics, that individual pages would be chaotic. As a result, I’ve started using WordPress’s Category option. I’ve classified nearly all my posts (which I deem  “readworthy”) via this option.

To avoid any confusion, I provide below a description of some of my top, or less explanatory, categories:

-Uncategorized: Default, everything was uncategorized before I started adding additional specifications.

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-Good Eats: Great food or drink I’ve found, and decided to review!

-Culinary Arts: Unlike “Good Eats,” culinary arts typically has to do with the actual art of cooking.

-Christianity: Contains content relative to Christianity, such as Chris Tomlin or Louie Giglio – the Chronicles of Narnia as well.

Adventure Writer Favorite: Something I really like, still working on this category – one of the latest.

-Adventure Writer Landmark: Something new I’ve tried or am trying on my blog. Like Tech Reviews, my first movie review (Iron Man II – which was recently updated), or something else…

Coming up on the Adventure Writer Blog…

I’m currently drafting a few movie and book reviews, along with some video game series and “deep topics.”