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Possible Prompts

Below is a list of prompts I’ve come up with in response to today’s DailyPost topic. I’m certain many have been used before, ideas are hardly new nowadays, though these are what came off the top of my head.

Current Events Questions:
i. If you were given the chance, how would you have “solved” the dilemma of raising the debt ceiling? Would you have utilized existing legislation, or developed your own? If you developed your own, what would this legislation entail?
ii. What do you think of the Presidential Office? How has it fared over the years? Explain.
iii. Should Americans, or any member of a particular country for that matter, be required to know basic knowledge about their country and perhaps the world? For example, the basic workings of their gov’t, their type of government, how the country is organized (provincial, states, etc.). Explain.
iv. According to an industry report, 95% of online music downloads are illegal. What do you think of this figure? Should additional action be taken to protect intellectual property on the internet, or should the music industry provide music for free? Explain. Consider the artists that create the music.
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Other Questions:
I. What type of pages do you usually bookmark, “like,” tweet, or favorite?
II. What are the characteristics of love? Can true love really hurt?
III. What is your favorite poem? Explain.
IV. If you could be the leader of every country in the world, simultaneously, for one day, able to pass any and all legislation you desire without question, what would you do?
V. If you had the resources to make the next blockbuster film, what would it be about?
VI. If you could tame any animal and have it as a pet, what would you choose? Explain.
VII. What sort of games did you used to play as a kid? Write about the one that first comes to mind.
VIII. (Multiple Questions) How do you define an idea as original? Are any ideas really original, or simply derivatives from another’s inspiration? Why do we have intellectual property laws? Explain.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Broken

Broken Frames

The first of many un-posted "Adventure Writer Bloopers." - Mont Saint Michel -

The One Thing EVERY Writer Needs

My Idea Boxes

Idea Boxes

When I read Erica Johnson’s, or rather, Shari Lopatin’s10 Reasons Every Writer Should Keep an Idea Box, it made me think for a bit – even to the point of considering buying my own “idea box” from Barnes and Noble (and I found the one mentioned here). Then I recalled my suitcase, my 3DS, my blog, and the many other places I store my ideas – they were all idea boxes, simply not consolidated into a singular medium.

My Suitcase – I started using my suitcase when the clusters of papers scattered around my room became overwhelming. The folders within helped me to separate each of my writing projects into organized categories, and I could fit a few pens here and there for use on the go, with easily accessible sheets of paper in the two end-side binders.

My 3DS –Who would have thought my Nintendo 3DS would actually help me


My Nintendo 3DS

along in my writing? In addition to it’s internet browser, and plethora of apps, there is a program called “Game Notes” – which I have found to be invaluable in the past few months. My latest writing project has produced a variety of random ideas which beg to jotted down immediately. If I feel the idea slipping away, faster than my hand can write, I record it on the 3DS Sound Program, essentially explaining the idea to myself when I need to recall it later.

My Blog – Although I don’t traditionally use my blog for storing ideas regarding fictional mediums, I do find it imperative for allocating my blog ideas for dates that I am lacking in creativity. In the drafts section of my dashboard I find this solace, and there I store my many brainstorms – good and bad, for potential future use or deletion.

My Notebooks – In the area of stationaries, I am certainly not lacking! And, in the long run, they are definitively the most vital in recording my thoughts and conveying bursts of inspiration, especially those which make themselves out to be quite lengthy. I’ve written entire manuscripts in my notebooks, and I can always return to them when I wish to review, with a hint of nostalgia, how my writing has exponentially developed. Unlike a computer, they cannot crash or catch viruses, though I can certainly lose them! This is why I store the majority of my idea-books on a shelf in my bedroom, easily found and kept track of, even with my INFP unorganized personality.

My Computer – Aside from my blog, I tend to use computers as an archive of my thought processes. Generally for the purpose of temporarily storing and printing out my final drafts (which find their way to my suitcase – if I don’t give in to my unorganized tendencies)

My Mind – The most unreliable finds itself to be my first and last resort. When I have an idea, I make certain to record it into one of the above mediums, but if I (for some odd reason) find myself without, then I attempt to store it in my brain by memorization. “Make the character do this… Make the character do this… Make the character do this… What did I want the character to do again? Oh yes! Make the character do this…” Even though I have a keen memory, I don’t always maintain the best concentration when other, more important thoughts, bring themselves to center stage.

What is Your Writing Box?

Do you rely on the ole’ noggin, or go digital with an iTouch, iPad, Droid, or other high-end technologies? Whatever the case, I most certainly agree with Shari Lopatin- keeping a writing box (or boxes), in it’s many forms, altogether calls for and develops observation, authorial solidification, unique perspectives, annihilating boredom, instills importance, literary diversity, and a most fun experience (most certainly instead of fumbling around for an idea you have hopelessly forgotten).

If you don’t have one and you call yourself a writer – get one! You won’t regret it. My idea boxes have helped me to grow and mature as a writing, fine tuning my skills by learning from my mistakes and gain innovative perspective and experience. Inspiration may strike from the slightest of ideas, and by writing one down, you may find yourself one day with a bestselling novel in your hands.

Top 3 Posts

Congratulations on completing month four of the challenge! Since January, you guys have collectively published almost 150,000 posts!

To celebrate being thirty three percent done with Post a Day/Post a Week, share your top three favorite posts that you’ve published since starting the challenge.

Erica Johnson

  1. Gaming in the Third Dimension [3DS Series Finale]
  2. OBJECTION!: Ace Attorney Series Review

    And there you have it! AW’s top 10 list in no particular order!

DP Photo Journal: Boundaries

Adventure Writer has joined the Weekly Photo Challenge from DailyPost! Once a week I’ll do my best to post a photograph of my own taking that fits the challenge’s topic. This weeks challenge is a photo relating to boundaries.


The Emotional Boundary

The Emotional Boundary: Taken in Paris, France | by Adventure Writer

The #1 AW Post of All Time…

GA writer barnstar in

Image via Wikipedia

…is Standing Up to Writer’s Block with DailyPost – would you imagine that?

The first ever Adventure Writer compilation of various writing topics, seems also to have been the highest ranking (by a landslide), due to this fact, you may now find it in the Adventure Writer Landmark category!

Thanks for reading the Adventure Writer Blog and taking such an interest in my writing prompts, more may be added in the future.

DP: What are you looking forward to this year?

I always find questions like these fairly difficult – after all, who knows what the future will hold (that is, but God)? I look forward to all the terrific new movies coming to theaters later this year (as well as books and music!), and the opportunity to review many of them. I also look forward to posting every day for the Post-A-Day 2011 challenge, and hopefully I’ll be able to get a similar blog to partner up with mine!

In addition, the new Nintendo 3DS interests me – a console I’ll be sure to thoroughly review!

As for more personal developments – I look forward to talking with friends, and achieving the goals that I have set for 2011.



Next up…

Medieval illustration of a Christian scribe wr...

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As I compile reviews and whatnot, I’ll do a few brief “how-to’s” of various sorts, including Forum-making, basic graphic-making, and more reviews. Maybe the original Iron Man?

In addition, I will answer some of the prompts given at the Daily Post.

Look for it this week on the Adventure Writer Blog!



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