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Nintendo DSi vs Nintendo 3DS

Although it has yet to be released in the United States (it’s official release is March – 27th for the U.S.), the Nintendo 3DS seems quite promising, simply from its marketing campaign. Yet will it truly measure up to expectations?

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The Nintendo DSi
The Nintendo DSi, and it’s XL Version as well, brought about a large change to the Nintendo DS line. It started with the simple DS system, and the slightly improved Lite, which enhanced visual capabilities with it’s brightness level feature. Then comes the DSi – the first in its line to introduce duo built-in cameras with corresponding software, a voice-record system with alteration features (such as pitch or echo), and even going so far as to make available the option of a built-in, Opera-based internet browser, along with the animation program Flipnote and its Hatena sharing capabilities – further allowing a SD Card Slot for additional memory. The DSi was certainly developed for personal use, complimented with fun, socially interactive features.

Opera Browser 2.0

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Fun Fact: I’ve recently noticed an increase in web searches relating to DSi Flash player inquiries which have been redirected to this blog. The Nintendo DSi does not support Flash Player on its web browser, nor any other add-on’s. Therefore many online sites such as YouTube, or MMORPG game sites like Club Penguin or Adventure Quest are rendered useless and incapable of operation. This is unavoidable and cannot be fixed.

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The Nintendo 3DS
According to Wikipedia (and now first-hand experiences), which has based its information  on reliable resources, the Nintendo 3DS features push-buttons, D-pad (which operates with similar purpose to the control pad. Allows users to pan through environments, scroll through menu’s, etc.), analog stick, touchscreen, volume slider, 3D depth slider, wireless communications switch, 3DS/DSi/DS and SD Card Slots, and a variety of programs, including Wii-based features, such as 3DS Sound , Mii Studio, PictoChat, Street Pass Mii Plaza, Face Shooting, Download Service, 3DS Camera, Augmented reality games, 3DS Shop, Internet Browser, an Activity Log, and 3D movie playback capability (with movies by Warner BrosDisney, and DreamWorks). As it’s main attraction, the Nintendo 3DS enables 3-D game play for select games, including a slider to adjust the 3-D graphics at any time. The dramatic effects of 3-D gameplay requires no special glasses or additional equipment as it operates on the concept of autostereoscopy. It certainly ups the ante!

Nintendo 3DS Experience Group

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Hopeful Developments

As terrific as all these new and returned features are, there are some updates that could be made – and hopefully will be, such as:

-Increased Web Browser Capabilities (We don’t yet, since Nintendo has yet to release the update containing their web browser): Now we do, the Nintendo 3DS Browser is superior, includes an automatic “word-guesser” which saves time!

-Upgraded FlipNote software with additional, advanced options: Nintendo has now released SwapNote, superior to FlipNote. Send notes to your friends, and even animate the process of drawing, instead of page by page animations (although this is still possible).

-More release-date choices in bundles – such as with Mario Kart 3DS, and others I’ve commonly discussed (a few bundles are currently available from GameStop, though they’re not really big deals): Nintendo carried through in this aspect as well, with Zelda, Mario, etc. bundles!

Check the Adventure Writer Blog in March 2011 for a full review on the Nintendo 3DS  and perhaps one of our first video blog posts! For updates, check: The Nintendo Series [3DS/DSi] category, which is where all  Nintendo 3DS [and related DSi] posts will be added.

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Next up…

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As I compile reviews and whatnot, I’ll do a few brief “how-to’s” of various sorts, including Forum-making, basic graphic-making, and more reviews. Maybe the original Iron Man?

In addition, I will answer some of the prompts given at the Daily Post.

Look for it this week on the Adventure Writer Blog!



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Disney’s: The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

The Sorcerer's Apprentice (2010 film)

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Disney’s: The Sorcerer’s Apprentice starring Nicholas Cage (Balthazar Blake) and Jay Baruchel (Dave Stutler) is a movie filled with magic, romance, and courage – promising to be another success by Walt Disney Pictures.

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice is about a wizard named Balthazar Blake, who was one of three sorcerer’s under the famous Merlin, and also one of the sorcerer’s responsible for putting the infamous Morgana le Fey in a nearly inescapable prison – in which she remained to they day. Balthazar is responsible for finding the Prime Merlinian, a young sorcerer who will inherit Merlin’s powers and destroy Morgana le Fey for good – the man he finds, a chemistry-fanatic named Dave Stutler,  Distracted by science projects, romance, and personal conflictions, will Stutler be able to step up to the plate? Or will the world as he knows it end? Being a Disney movie, we all know how it turns out.

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice is a movie fun for all ages, but not everybody may see it in the same light…

Religious Conflictions:

As with many sorcery-related films, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice may be a major concern for Christians. With an impending army of the dead, an ancient witch, spells and incantations, and black magic galore – this family movie takes on a dark tone.

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From Wikipedia: Movie Release Dates.

Disney’s A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol (2009 film)

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There seems to be nothing better than the classics, and that’s just what Disney has come out with! This new version of A Christmas Carol takes a technologically advanced twist with it’s portrayal on Charles Dicken’s classic story. As an animated feature, one may assume the movie to have a child-like  aspect about it – however, that is not that case. The new adaptation uses some quite amazing animation software and technology to create life-like characters from the actors that portray them. If you’re interested in the technology, I suggest looking into it!

For those unfamiliar with the story, A Christmas Carol is about the life of a man named Ebenezer Scrooge, who, even in the most practical situations, refuses to give up his money. This scrooge of a man, who frowns upon society, looks upon Christmas as a “humbug!” Hardly wishing to engage in the spirit of the holiday. It was however, inevitable, that the spirits of the holiday would inevitably visit him. Through the visits of three phantasmagoric beings, the spirits of Christmas Past, Present, and Future, Scrooge is changed forever, opening his heart to the world, and dedicating his life to uplifting the Christmas season and the spirit of giving therein.

It’s a highly recommended film, and fans of the story won’t be disappointed!

Despicable Me

Despicable Me

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Despicable Me is a new animated film produced by Universal Studios. It’s about a super villain named Gru who, due to being denied money from the Bank of Evil, must come up with a dastardly plan of mass-proportions… and he certainly has. With his heart set on stealing the moon and proving himself as the greatest evil villain of all time, will Gru achieve his goal? Or will three little orphan girls get in his way?

Despicable Me is certainly a movie for the whole family – filled with heart-warming moments, a dash of Shrek-level toilet humor, and loads of laughs. For those seeking a moralistic film, this movie has a little bit of that too. Teaching the importance of family, friendship, and achieving your dreams. It’s an imaginative adventure that will not fail to please.

The plot is simple, and follows the example of many of the family-films produced by Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks, and other such companies. It doesn’t have any deep psychological meaning, complex  characters, or intense action sequences. It’s made for kids and kids-at-heart.

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From Wikipedia: Movie Release Dates.