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DSi Art

Ever wonder just what you can do with a Nintendo DSi? What’s the difference


Simply some distorted letters!

between it and it’s predecessors? The answer would simply be: Two built-in cameras, and SD Card Slot, higher memory capacity, internet access capability, a DSi Shop where you can purchase games on your system, and various artistic programs to mess around with!

Today I want to take a look at what the Nintendo DSi is capable of – art wise.


A distorted photograph - of a human no less - gone abstract art.

Art may come difficult to some, but with all the advanced features, you can make graphics like these in minutes or even seconds!


WordPress comes to Nintendo DSi

Nintendo DSi

Image via Wikipedia

WordPress has come to be available on a wide variety of platforms – but did you know it is also compatible with the Nintendo DSi?

In fact, right now I’m typing this post up on the very system mentioned.

The Nintendo DSi operates on the Opera web browser, without any add-ons like Flash Player available. Yet it appears Word Press still functions, having even more advanced capabilities than if you were to make a post by e-mail.

One thing I haven’t experimented with, however, is Zementa. Let’s do that now…

It appears that although Zementa is available, you cannot use it, as the HTML & Visual mode buttons do not appear. Yet it would seem we are in HTML mode… only one way to find out:

Bold Text
Italicized Text
Underlined Text

Amidst a fair amount of errors, Word Press still operates exceptionally well, and a member of the Support Team notifies me that they will look into the errors (but first they’ll need to find a Support Member with a DSi).