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Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows

European architecture is tremendously ornate - I've uploaded this image at full resolution so that the windows on this structure may be clearly seen by zooming in.

Falling Rain Upon Notre Dame

If I am not mistaken, this is yet another Notre Dame which we found along our travels.

The Eiffel Tower from Le Seine

Sailing by the Eiffel Tower.

Omaha Beach: A Broader View


A side of Omaha Beach not often seen, depicting another less-photographed area of the cemetery.

La Seine et Nouveau Ecrire

Today will be our last photograph for a while, as I’ll be back to writing reviews and other various posts!


Depicts a bridge overlooking the Seine River.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fall

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Last Day in Paris


Our last day in Paris, France found us walking and driving around the grand city in one final, great hurrah! This photograph was taken late at night, riding in a bus behind a Mercedez Benz. We were all very tired and glad to be heading to the hotel for rest. Incredibly blurry, as one may imagine, in light (or rather "dark") of the photographic conditions.

Finding Samsung in my Travels…

Samsung Spotting

Spotted this Samsung display on one of my "European escapades." A bit blurry since this is a blown up version of the original.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Textured

Norman Cow & Norman Grass

A Norman cow munching on the vert grass of Normandy.

A Beautiful European City


Abundant in fantastic Parisian architecture, this city has wonders on every corner.