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Fruit Smoothie: The Perfect Balance

Tasty, and with a nice peach color!

Tasty, and with a nice peach color! (green from the pear, although one could subtly add some vegetables!)

Tonight I was meddling in smoothies, and put together one that is the perfect balance of sweet and not too tangy. The flavor is mostly that of pear and apple, with a significant hint of strawberry.

The smoothie is made up of approximately…

5x Strawberries, 5x Carrots, 1x small container of Blueberry Yogurt, 1x Pear, 1x Apple (a sweet one!), a small bowl of ice, one scoop of vanilla ice cream. (Optional to decrease thickness): 1-2 cup/s water.

Serves around four people.

I excluded the water, because I don’t mind the thickness, and I wanted all the flavors at their height. To remedy this however, one could substitute fruit juice, which would add rather than take away any flavor.

Plus, if you or your friends are among the camp who dislike yogurt but would readily eat it for its health benefits if not for the flavor, then this smoothie is prime way to do so as the yogurt isn’t very prominent.


Nutella Chocolate Cheesecake: Coming Soon…

Tomorrow night I’ll be baking a cheesecake (and taking photographs promptly after it sets) then experimenting with Nutella chocolate as a frosting. So if you like cheesecake and chocolate, you’ll definitely want to see the photographs I’ll be posting Friday!

The only issue is how to apply the Nutella chocolate. I’m considering placing “globs” of the chocolate onto individual pieces and gently spreading it over with a knife… we shall see! Perhaps I’d be better off just mixing & baking it with the cheesecake batter…

If you like baking and have an idea as to how to go about this, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

Le Beau Port de Normandie (et amis): Memory Lane

One of my favorite photographs was one I took at a Normandy port. I first posted it on this blog on Oct. 22nd, 2010 shortly after arriving back on American shores. Since very few people were viewing my blog at that time, and moreover would be a pain to search through my never-ending archives I have decided to “bring it back into the light,” as well as a few others.

These photographs were originally posted when I had abundant space on my blog and posted images in full resolution, therefore you may note they have the potential of greater loading times.

Normandy Harbor

While at this beautiful Normandy harbor, we stopped for a bite to eat at a local seafood restaurant. While there, I had a (featured a few days ago on this blog) fantastic plate of fresh lobster that was likely caught that morning.

Soleil Rouge

A striking blend of various purples, pinks, whites, and violets! This flower stood out quite distinctly (on behalf of its vibrancy) among its kin in Monet's Garden.

Stars in a Black Sky

"What are these? I really have no idea." I had a knack for captions in '10, I did (tone dripping in sarcasm). In my travels, I paid a visit to the second-largest capitol building in the United States (, that of Lincoln, Nebraska. There was a tremendous view from atop it, which if you'll scroll down to the next picture, you'll be able to enjoy.

A Look From Above

One may find an astounding view from atop the United States' second-largest capitol building. Although I'm sure the view from atop the Tour de Eiffel is a tad more beau.

A Storm Is Brewing

On one side, there's a beautiful sunset. However, on the flip side... there's something much more menacing brewing.


The caption I originally had for this picture was... well, amusing at best. I found this grasshopper on a warm summer day when it was time to provide the plants with a "watery reprieve."

Spinach-Fruit Juice

Oh the terror! Oh the horror! Wait... it's actually quite delicious! A mix of frozen bananas, blueberries, strawberries, and spinach - all you taste is the fruit!

On the original post, I even posted a recipe:

Regardless of the captions (albeit I changed the captions) this drink actually isn’t half bad. Tastes more like a strawberry-banana smoothie, than an intimidating vegetable concoction.


  1. 3 Frozen Strawberries
  2. 2 Frozen Bananas
  3. 3 Handfuls of Fresh Spinach
  4. 1 Handful of  Blueberries
  5. 1 Cup of Water
  6. Combine ingredients in blender, mix well.
12 26 15

PF Chang's egg drop soup is utterly magnificent - with its green peppers, chunks of delicious egg... this photograph is from the time where I'd photograph just about anything.

Le Notre Dame de Paris

Our Lady of Paris - the one, but not the only, Notre Dame!





Biscuits aux Brisures de Chocolat

Tonight I baked some Nestle Toll House cookies (recipe on chocolate chip bag) – one of the best recipes I’ve had, as far as chocolate chip cookies go. Tomorrow I’ll hopefully get that Mission Impossible or House of Silk review posted! If not, expect another photograph (or perhaps something else entirely).


We go from European wonders to Nestle Chocolate Chip cookies... what's the world coming to?

Busy, busy, busy!

Preparing dinner tonight, alongside my cousin – scrambled eggs with salmon, chives, and onions. With cookies for dessert, prepared with yet another cousin.

Homemade Apple Pie

At the beginning of this year I found I enjoyed cooking. Since then I’ve experimented with cheesecakes, spaghetti, an of-the-moment pasta while in France (with beef, sausages, and various types of Italian pasta), and now pies!

Here was today’s result…

Apple Pie Blog AW

With a nice, homemade crust.

The crust was made with a cup of flour, teaspoon or so of salt, two tablespoons of water, and 2/3 cup and 1 tsp. Crisco, lightly coated with Robert’s Skim Milk and a fine layer of sugar. The interior was created with a pre-made mix.

Boredom by Snow: How to Stay Entertained

How do you stay entertained when you are snowed in?

(AW Top 12)

Inspired by The Daily Post

Image via Wikipedia

1. Blog About It

Have a photography related blog? Post some pics! See any good movies? Do you like snow, or entirely detest it? There’s plenty of possibilities!

2. Go Literary

Grab a good book, plop down on the couch (chair, pillows-shaped-like-a-chair and whatnot), and get reading! That’s how the bookworms do it.

3. Get Creative

Write a story, create an artistic masterpiece, design something – whether it’s computer graphics or your dream house, get creative!

4. Be a Couch Potato

2009 ESPN Zone Chicago Ultimate Couch Potato C...

Image via Wikipedia

Can’t take the boredom, and nothing above will suffice? Then you can always be a couch potato. Not exactly the healthiest choice, but it beats being bored right? Watch episodes of whatever series  you’ve missed.

5. Think Big – Think Snow

Imaaaagine! Snow forts, snow balls, and snow men galore. Unless that’s not your thing… then just… keep reading.

6. Jam out the Boredom

Music always helps pass the time. Jam out while pondering life, jam out while thinking big, jam out while being a coach potato – and so much more!

Couch Potato Pizza

Image via Wikipedia

7. Start Cooking

Commencer la cuisson! Make a homemade pizza, bake a cake, do something amazing – culinary style.

8. Discover

Whether it’s the Lost Money of the Couch Caverns, or researching something you don’t know about, you could be the next Indy Jones! (okay, maybe not…)

9. Organize

Clean up that room, arrange that bookshelf or Blu-Ray/DVD collection, make something out of your time.

10. Get in Contact

Kodak EasyShare DX6490.

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Call someone, strengthen those relationships!

11. Make it a Kodak Moment!

Have a larger-than-life snowstorm? Beautifully, glistening lake? Take some photos!

Painting The Writing Master by Thomas Eakins

Image via Wikipedia

12. Be Active!

Work out, run laps around the living room, don’t be a couch potato – stretch those muscles!

13. Study

Most likely a quite unpopular sentiment, but when all else fails, study! College, High School, Middle School? Maybe something at work? Sharpen the mind!

Nothing Bundt Cakes: Food Review

Nothing Bundt Cakes is a national franchise that specializes in the creation and catering of bundt cakes. There are a variety of flavors – with a plethora of unique tastes. Some include:

Chocolate Cake

Taste Rating: 3.9/5.0

Double Chocolate Chip

Has a deep, rich chocolate flavor with a sort of tangy kick to it. I would never be able to eat larger than their muffin-sized (second to smallest) cake, due to the richness in itself.Yet it proves quite enjoyable in small portions.

Carrot Cake

Carrot Cake

This bundt cake is, by far, one of my favorites. With all the flavors of your typical homestyle carrot cake, easily complimented by a rich cream cheese frosting.

Red Velvet Cake

Red Velvet

A dynamic blend of flavors that seem overly prominent when cold, and pleasantly mild when at room temperature.

In general review…


-Overall good selection.

-Good overall taste.


-Limited to cream cheese frosting.

-It is difficult to gain a good taste of the cake when first purchased, and rather must sit out at room temperature for a short time (so as to prevent spoiling).

The Garden of Claude Monet

First, a little background information provided on-sight.

Nestled against the hillside, the Musée des Impressionnismes, Giverny blends harmoniously with its surroundings.When designing the museum,architect Philip Robert laid out the garden that was later completed by landscape architect Mark Rudkin. An arbor of white wisteria invites visitors to enter, while paying homage to Monet.The garden features a series of lush rooms created by thuya and beech hedges. Each room is either thematic(aromatic plants, roses, etc.) or monochromatic (which represent the primary colors). Seasonal plantingsrenew the garden from spring through autumn in keeping with this concept. These colourful and fragrant spaceslead from the foundtain to the meadow and opens to the gentle slope of the hillside that inspired numerousimpressionist paintings.

  • Musée des Impressionnismes
  • Refuges LPO
A Surreal World

An exotic arrangement of floral wonders.

Spinach Encounter!

Spinach-Fruit Juice

Delicious... and nutritious?

Regardless of the captions [courtesy: a moi], this drink actually isn’t half bad. Tastes more like a strawberry-banana smoothie, than an intimidating vegetable concoction.



-3x Frozen Strawberries

-2x Frozen Bananas

-3x Handfuls of Fresh Spinach

-1x Handful of  Blueberries

-1x Cup of Water