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Make That A Triple Stacker: Manuscript Completion

Manuscripts and Burgers

000_0027 (JPEG Image)

Not quite like writing, though much more delectable.

What is quite like the feeling of completing a book? Perhaps completing a burger (veggie or meat, take your pick)? I believe the latter’s jubilant expression, mixed with grease and morsels, is hardly able to compare with the writer’s exhausted cry. Especially since the former is often accompanied by abdominal pains and regret of the worst sort… unless it’s a slider. Those are more harmless.

“Ludicrous, appended to my delicious tropical friend…”

-Jean Rusé

Literary Excursion

With some parallels to the foodie fandom, the writing journey is filled with a series of stages, often including bouts of perseverance, jubilation, courage, ingenuity, boredom, aggravation, and rain clouds (“Writer’s Block”). When the haze of conflicting emotions finally fades, however, all that is left is triumph and relief. In my case, there is also an overwhelming sentiment of gratitude.

100_9867 (JPEG Image)

“The Three Tier Papier”

It often takes a measure of encouragement to get a good book going, to establish momentum, and I’m grateful to those who have joined me in cheering the story onto completion. It does, at times, seem to be a very detached process, the story unfolding itself like a scroll tossed in the wind. This is why I include myself in the story’s audience, for some details are only revealed in the process, and I am equally awed as the reader when they come to light.

Seeing the story in its printed form, aside from word count statistics and page numbers, was a surprise at first. It looked very much the manuscript I was hoping for, although it was shy of aspirations of a few hundred pages.

Two-Cents Worth

While assembling the book, I found it tremendously helpful to keep a “To Do” .docx or Pages file on hand, to jot down ideas and plot points which had yet to be resolved. On occasion I’d visit Barnes & Noble’s Starbucks and brainstorm whilst (as I put it last time) munching on scones and sipping smoothies and hot cocoas. As an INFP personality, I found it imperative to set a deadline, even if I couldn’t reach it in time. It was better to have a goal than to leave it unrestricted, likely to fade into the oblivion of daily life. Break-time was also a must, both in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and retaining concentration.

“Have you finished relaxing?”

-Mr. Lombardi

Book Excerpts & Quotes ©2012 Zechariah Barrett – All Rights Reserved


For Your Perusal: Where Have I Seen That Before…

When I read For Your Perusal today, I was reminded of a section of my manuscript where I had used the term. A few minutes ago, I did a quick search to find out if I used it correctly.

“Having been thus satisfied with this glimpse of human stoicism, his weary gaze perused the room to another stonesque human…”

Hand to brow, sigh of relief (the Pages proofreader tells me this is cliché and to be avoided), I did.

Now back to work I go, page ninety-three here I come…

P.S.- I feel as if the postaday tag is a bit out of place now that I’ve missed a month’s worth (or more) of posts. I do hope to get back on track, however, after the deadline. One more post coming up tonight, this time about a project that I made while letting my mind rest after writing.

Settling Into My Niche

Brilliant. My “Big Day” widget has at last starting counting down the days to Project Ordine, or rather what may come to be referred to as LoCN (an acronym which will make much more sense when the novel’s title is disclosed).

Progress stands at 75 pages (though not for long!).

Lately I’ve gotten into a habit of visting Barnes & Noble and lounging about writing… whilst sipping smoothies and eating scones. The atmosphere is a pleasant one, and what better than a place full of books?

In conclusion – whenever I mention my roman en cours, I feel an irresistible urge to thank Jesus Christ for the purpose given to my life, as well as the talents I pray will be utilized to their full extent for His Glory.

Such knowledge is too wonderful for me;
It is high, I cannot attain it. (Psalm 139:6 NKJV)

First Look at Project Ordine

In order to prevent confusion with other organizations, my novel now has the working title: Project Ordine. The changes will be in effect on the site very soon.

Snow Storm in the Mountains

Snow Storm in the Mountains (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Below is an excerpt from the seventh chapter. Certain names have been replaced [ ] with more generic appellations in order to prevent certain plot points from being revealed:

Romanesque – it is a word with fantastic image inducing qualities capable of sending one back in time to an era of much finer and more elaborate architectural design. It exudes curving forms and engraved figures, dramatic arches and extraordinary proportions. In these regards, romanesque is the perfect word to describe the [Enemy] headquarters in Siberia.

Why someone would ever desire to build a base in Siberia is beyond me, [Susan] thought to herself as a fierce chill overcame her and the agents around her. Moments ago they had descended from their assault chopper when the rotor, too, seemed to whine in complaint as the cold set upon it. Now they were in the blinding white of a Soviet Union wasteland, attempting to locate the hiding place of the infamous [Moriarty de Mort]. In such a place it felt as if time itself stood still, lost in oblivion – it was no wonder the German troops had so readily lost their ground in World War II, for it was such a surreal and bitter setting. Another gust of wind ravaged their party, albeit this time it served some use. The snow momentarily parted before them, revealing an ominous monolith in the distance. They had arrived.

“The Plot Thickens!” The Spontaneous Creative Impulse

In my freshmen year of High School, I had a teacher who compared books to drugs for their ability to transport readers beyond their reality into a fantastical world an author has contrived.

Not the most appropriate analogy to be sure, although it left an impact on my memory. It was one of the first times I had seen such passion for the art, aside from my own, albeit expressed in a crude fashion.

For I have, since early years of literary comprehension, found reading to be a magical experience. And such an appreciation was accompanied by an insatiable desire to have more. For many years, book after book, I scoured the shelves of libraries and stores for those tomes which could suit my fancy.

Eventually, however, I grew restless, and became determined to forge my own master tale. I envisioned dwarves and little children like me, and the first manuscript I called “The Enchanted Library.” I had finally found my niche, although unrefined, until it culminated to heights I never would have dreamed. I sat amazed as the stories unraveled like a yarn, an inundation of words which no dam could withstand.

One might say it became a Spiritual experience, although I believe it to be much more than that. The fruits of the Holy Spirit within is my only explanation for such rapid acceleration in learning, and such depth in delving into a story whose end I cannot see, but is in the next moment revealed to me.

The cry of my heart is an eternal promise. Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who holds the stars in His hands, and all of life in His uncomparable mercies. Let the greatest story of all time be unveiled, and eyes be opened as the foundations of the earth are shaken. A chosen generation.

A Labyrinth of Literary Proportions

The novel surreptitiously mentioned on the About Me page has had significant progress and I hope to be querying publishers, God willing, in August.

1 Chronicles 29:11

New King James Version (NKJV) – Verse of the Day

11 Yours, O Lord, is the greatness,
The power and the glory,
The victory and the majesty;
For all that is in heaven and in earth is Yours;
Yours is the kingdom, O Lord,
And You are exalted as head over all.

I understand I have many readers that are opposed to my worldview, which is one of the reasons I encourage them to read my About page which includes the mission statement for this blog, especially:

This blog is not in any way meant to badger, slander, or reflect and elaborate upon darkly sarcastic, cynical, satirical topics and discussions. I will abide by Biblical standards and keep a civil tone in my writings. As a Christian, I agree with the statement made by Brother Andrew, author of God’s Smuggler: that we are not anti people of other religions or other beliefs, rather “pro-Christ.” I am open to the expression of one’s personal beliefs, though you may certainly expect to see me express mine in return. This blog is for informative and expressive purposes – if you have any questions, please leave a comment on one of my posts.

That said, I have chosen Christianity out of a deeply-rotted inward desire for purpose. To become part of something that is bigger than myself, with eternal continuance and universal ramifications. Via educational mediums I have come to understand many of the predominant world views of our time and their  origins, beliefs, implications, and arguments (Agnosticism, Post-Modernism, Neo-Darwinism, Darwinism, Creationism, Atheism [variations], Theistic Evolutionism, Cosmic Evolution [Buddhism, New Age, Hinduism], Secular Humanism, [Greek Philosophical] Humanism, Marxist-Leninism, Islam, Protestant Christianity, Mormonism, Catholicism, Judaism). Consequently, each worldview have quite unique perspectives across the board in politics, ethics, sociology, psychology, and whatnot. Each must be studied in part to understand the whole.

However, instead of weakening my faith, these studies have served to strengthen my belief in God, the teachings of Jesus, and His resurrection for our sakes. I do not believe I am superstitious or illogical, for I follow not blindly, but with faith and reason. Paul’s ministry was not that of mockery, hatred, and foolishness, but a logical comprehension of society and its respective views, presenting Christ’s doctrine compassionately to all who He encounters (including his jailers under Nero, many of which converted to Christianity). I believe that today’s Christianity is a perverted deviation from the truth, and Biblical Christianity may be observed in those few who passionately, selflessly, and wholeheartedly follow Christ in serving others and living out His purpose.

If my book were to become significantly popular, or simply generate inquiry, I would desire to give any praise up to God. I hope this will help readers understand my future actions and statements.

War at Our Doorstep: Teaser Video

Lately I developed a YouTube video which displays one of the excerpts of my War at Our Doorstep story (Copyright © 2012 – Adventure Writer’s Blog).  Simply made by using Mac’s iMovie.

Soon I’ll be posting more book / movie reviews, etc.

It has certainly been a busy week! It’s difficult to comprehend how fast the month has passed, being December already. Time flies when you… have a busy schedule?

400 Years of Silence

For the first time I’m releasing part of the 400 Years of Silence 600-word story, all rights reserved.

On one cold September night, a man sat pouring over the Holy Scriptures of God. The
room was dark, but for the light of a few feeble candles, arranged around the man’s place of
reading, casting a yellow tinge against the dark stone walls. As he finished reading the final verse
of Job, his brother Mannaseh entered the study.

“Naaman, my brother!” Mannaseh exclaimed. “What are you doing reading that old
thing? It’s been four hundred years since that god of yours proclaimed anything to His people –
resign this insanity of yours!”

“Insane I may be,” began Naaman, motioning to the scriptures before him. “But these
prophecies Isaiah speaks of…”

“Forget the prophecies!” Mannaseh interjected, with an ever reddening visage. “Those
were simply lies devised by the old Kings of Israel.”

“Yet why would the kings seek their own destruction?” Naaman reasoned, his tone
measured and calm, yet with a hint of desperation. “It is by God alone that…”

“I relent brother, I relent…” cried Manasseh, storming out of the room. “I leave you to
this self-ordained madness!”

Naaman sat half-bewildered, still gazing at the last verse before him. Job didn’t have
faith either… then God revealed himself in a most glorious way. “My brother may not believe,”
Naaman said to himself. “But I feel the spirit of the Lord is strongly manifested on this night.
God will not be quiet forever, He will come after his lost sheep.

Copyright © 2011 – Adventure Writer’s Blog

All rights reserved.

Christmas is Right Around the Corner…

Christmas is almost here, and with it will come a plethora of fresh posts from The Adventure Writer’s Blog – ranging from winter photography, to reviews (such as Sherlock Holmes II) and more!

In preparation for Christmas time, I’ve published a play (as well as a 600-word story version) called 400 Years of Silence.

If you’re a fan of Christmas music, the K-LOVE Christian Radio station is giving away three free songs of the season, gotta love freebies.

War at Our Doorstep

A colleague of mine recently informed me of a contest for participants of NaNoWriMo, and I got to work straightaway! My entry is now an eBook publication, which I’ve annotated as necessary. For any interested readers, the link is provided below (hyperlinked image).

Annotated Version with Alias