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Nintendo 3DS Graphics Design (3DS Series #005)

Starting off from yesterday’s 3DS Photography, today I’ll reveal how I created those images.

  • Starting off with Getting Kreative with Kirby, this was one of the simpler graphics. Simply opening up AR Games, I pulled out my Kirby card and pressed “A” until he’s in the pose shown in the graphic. Then I simply pull out an actual, real-life notebook, and place Kirby immediately below it, so that it appears his drawing has been etched onto the paper.
  • Metroid vs Zelda was a bit more difficult than meets the eye. First I set the Metroid figure on the ground, set on the pose of my choice. Then I pulled out my Zelda card and made sure the Nintendo emblem, and the bulk of Zelda’s identifying graphic were visible to the 3DS. The tricky part was allowing the 3DS to see both cards simultaneously within the short space I provided.
  • That’s a Wrap was quite easy. As with Kirby, I simply used my Kodak as a prop, and switched through the AR Box’s poses until the director’s seat was available.
  • HNI_0050, aka, Flying Mario, was by far the easiest to create. Simply holding Mario’s AR Card in the air at an angle, I made an easy graphic.
  • HNI_0053 was the most difficult out of all these graphics, which goes to say, not really difficult at all. I simply whipped out my Kodak, took a video of the Eyes-in-Box AR Card, and replayed it. It was somewhat difficult to get the 3DS Cameras to pick up on the Kodak image, but it goes to show you don’t really need the original card to play the AR Games. My original intention was to make two box AR’s avatars appear side by side, but it appears the 3DS is smarter than that.

The Nintendo 3DS (3DS Series #001)

Welcome to the Nintendo 3DS Series! Your source for in-depth information on the Nintendo 3DS!

Introduction: An Instant Hit

The Nintendo 3DS, released yesterday for North America, has already found its

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way into many homes in Japan, Europe, and some lucky pre-order’s that were made before the release date. This latest system, abounding with features, is already a hit, and it’s select video games are at the top of Amazon’s bestsellers in their respective categories. My 3DS shipment arrived earlier today, and I must say, I’m thoroughly impressed, having finally been able to experience the proposed 3-D gameplay for myself. The one question I have wondered, as well as many others, is the legitimacy of the systems 3-D capabilities.

Experiencing 3-Dimensional Graphics

The key to the Nintendo 3Ds’ graphics is it’s depth slider. As you raise the slider upwards, the depth increases, until – at it’s peak, you experience the graphics as they were meant to be seen. Everything, from it’s menu to any of it’s menu features, is in 3D – which may be overwhelming to a first time player.


The whole package! Nintendo 3DS and AR Game Cards, though there’s more than meets the eye…

It’s highly suggested that you start off with 2-D and slowly move up as you go, letting your eyes adjust. It’s like waking up with 3-D glasses on during an action-packed 3-D movie (which someone has placed you in, from your bed to the theater) and the first thing you look at is the screen – you’ll be heavily disoriented. Move the system an arms length away from your sight and work from there – even standing with it until you feel comfortable would be an option. It takes time to adjust to the graphics, but when you’re comfortable with it, the results are astounding. The Nintendo 3DS truly does let its players experience 3D without glasses, with the same exact same effect as a 3-D movie (debatably, even greater). After playing the game a second time, hours later, my eyes have adjusted to the graphics quite well, without any discomfort whatsoever.

If the above tips don’t work for you, then an alternative method may prove more effective. When you get the system, ensure that the 3D depth slider is raised as far up as it may go – providing the greatest level of depth. In my own case, I discovered the previous method to work quite well, but become a bit disoriented when I adjusted the depth slider. Either utilize the full 3-D effect, or switch to 2-D, the middle is quite pointless and ineffective.

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Graphic by Adventure Writer, made using the Nintendo 3DS AR Games App.