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Weekly Photo Challenge: Hidden


The clouds veil the deep blue sky and history is hidden over the horizon...

Omaha Beach: A Broader View


A side of Omaha Beach not often seen, depicting another less-photographed area of the cemetery.

WWII Tidbits: Video Entry

Note: Adventure Writer is depicted nowhere in this video, although did capture the moment.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Textured

Norman Cow & Norman Grass

A Norman cow munching on the vert grass of Normandy.

Enjoy the View

After finding my way around iMovie and getting a feel for things, I’ve decided to undergo a compilation project of all (or at least, a vast majority) of the photographs and footage I captured while in France. Here’s two of the photographs I’ll probably be using for the project – a beautiful view from atop the Mont Saint Michel.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Flowers (and other botanic photography)

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WWII Tidbits: Omaha Beach Cemetary

Gazing at Time Long Past

Q: What did the grounds around Omaha Beach look like before now, during WWII? A: Before it was devoid of trees, devoid of any cover and they were just trench systems firing down onto the beach. We'll walk into the cemetery first, then walk around where we can find a better idea of that. -British Tour Guide: Normandy, France And that we will... in photographs and additional WWII Tidbits!

Not So Refreshing…

Not So Refreshing

You're in a fine French restaurant along the Normandy harbor. The day has been a tiresome one and you are ready to eat like royalty, the various, desiring forms of French cuisine already forming within your mind. Suddenly, a waiter arrives with a dish you do not recognize... it would appear to be some sort of dessert, or perhaps an aid for the change of palate? You take up the spoon, scoop up a liberal amount of the dish, and plop the mix into your mouth. The resulting taste is something you did not expect... an unlikely blend of creme with most overwhelming companions in flavor.

WWII Tidbits: The Mortar Men

Photo Journal: Old

A bit of an old prompt, though better late than never!


The Scars of World War II: Bomb Craters in Normandy, France