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DSi Art

Ever wonder just what you can do with a Nintendo DSi? What’s the difference


Simply some distorted letters!

between it and it’s predecessors? The answer would simply be: Two built-in cameras, and SD Card Slot, higher memory capacity, internet access capability, a DSi Shop where you can purchase games on your system, and various artistic programs to mess around with!

Today I want to take a look at what the Nintendo DSi is capable of – art wise.


A distorted photograph - of a human no less - gone abstract art.

Art may come difficult to some, but with all the advanced features, you can make graphics like these in minutes or even seconds!


Our last picture…

…of gigantic proportions! In other words, I’ll be posting many more pictures, but I’ll be reducing their size so they won’t take up so much space. Enjoy our last 4000 x 4000 photograph (Update: now frugally reduced to 3000 x 4000) of a bouquet of roses. (unless there’s a picture which is so amazing that it must be viewed in it’s entirety)

A Beauty

A rose by any other name... is still a rose.