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DP Photo Journal: Curiosity

Week 2 of the Weekly Photo Challenge brings us the topic of curiosity.


The Camel of Curiosity

The camel stops to ponder the food pellets within its reach, and the strange mechanical device that all visitors seem to have wrapped around their necks, or hanging from their personage.




Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

Chow chow puppy

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…or revise an old post? Throughout this week I’ll be updating various posts are the Adventure Writer blog – replacing missing graphics, checking for grammatical and spelling errors, and adding additional content!

Be sure to take a look around this week and next to see what has changed!

Open Season 3

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Open Season 3 follows after its successors in its approach to comedy, which goes to say, if you can’t stand movies like Gulliver’s Travels, or any of the previous films in the Open Season series, then this movie is certainly not for you.

In this latest addition to the series, we find Boog is arranging a “guy’s trip,” an all-guys camping tradition. Though there’s one problem… everyone is too busy to go. Whether it’s Elliot watching the kids, or  the gophers building their seasonal dam – nobody is available. Dismayed, Boog journeys out on his own, determined to make the best guys trip ever, accompanied only by a bunny and his teddy bear plushy. Boog soon comes across a circus, and decides to take a look inside. There he discovers a fellow bear named Doug, who tricks him into helping him escape, then trapping Boog inside. Will Boog escape, or be trapped forever in the circus? Filled with comedy, and a touch of romance – this movie is sure to please fans previously acquainted with the series.

Alpha and Omega

Alpha and Omega (film)

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Alpha and Omega promised to be a good film – its marketing seemed to present it as a fun adventure for children, yet with enough substance for more mature audiences. As I watched the beginning of the film, however, I had second thoughts. Everything seemed so random and cliché, as if put together hastily or without forethought. As the movie progresses, you may spot some familiar scenes – which appear to resemble Disney’s Lion King somewhat. The film appears to be trying too hard – making a half-baked attempt at being serious and emotional, yet resulting in confusion and uncertainty. The film however, is not an utter failure. Although the plot is unsatisfactory in many cases, one must keep in mind the audience. This movie is terrific for young children, as they are not yet the critics of blockbuster films that mature movie watchers often become. They may catch onto the wonder that is yet available for them to grasp, and Alpha and Omega may prove to be a very enjoyable film.  I was not so disinterested as to stop the movie completely, and would consider it a fairly good film all around. It generated that same magic that so many DreamWorks movies seem to produce, yet in short bursts. It conveyed emotional sentiment and could easily connect with its audience at times, it worked out character development and generated suspense. While I would not recommend this film to those movie watchers who are rather more interested in films such as Inception, Iron Man, [etc.] than the animated spectrum of the movie industry, I would not entirely direct animation-apt movie watchers away from the film. It’s simple, yet not overly cheesy. It simply doesn’t contain the fluid and indescribable feel of many more thought-out films.

Upcoming Events

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Upcoming Adventure Writer Blog Events

This week, look forward to the reviews for some of December 2010’s latest films. One provides comedy relief – while the other seems to try a bit too much…

Post-A-Day March will introduce the brand-new Nintendo 3DS (check out my preliminary review)  and our lengthy, in-depth series thereof. Hopefully along with Scorpia Rising, the latest novel by Anthony Horowitz (which may go into April)!

Post-A-Day May through December will introduce back-to-back movies, such as Sherlock Holmes II and Transformers III.

Thanks for keeping up with the Adventure Writer Blog!


Adventure Writer

Introducing the Photo Challenge Badge

Simply altered (I only changed the text) from the Post-A-Day/Post-A-Week badges, the Photo Gallery Challenge 2011 badge lets your readers know you’re taking part in this latest challenge by DailyPost.

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Adventure Writer is a Participant of the Weekly Photo Challenge!

DP Photo Journal: Boundaries

Adventure Writer has joined the Weekly Photo Challenge from DailyPost! Once a week I’ll do my best to post a photograph of my own taking that fits the challenge’s topic. This weeks challenge is a photo relating to boundaries.


The Emotional Boundary

The Emotional Boundary: Taken in Paris, France | by Adventure Writer

Post-A-Day February

AW Blog

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During January I made a post every day, with one extra in there somewhere.

For this month’s Post-A-Day, I hope to kick it up a notch with more than one post a day. Layering on a few extra posts a week, or every few weeks, to my existing daily postings – and I challenge others to do the same! DailyPost currently offers a tremendous aid for blogs involved in the Post-A-Day and Post-A-Week challenges with their daily prompts – and I’ve provided an extensive list of my own with my Standing Up to Writer’s Block with DailyPost list of topics.

Here at the Adventure Writer Blog, I hope to provide some reviews on insights on some fairly new films, maybe some more music, responses to DailyPost topics, and perhaps a longer list of prompts to help keep the creativity flowing.

Thanks for reading my blog – and the best of progress in your writing pursuit!

Let’s make this an astounding February,
-Adventure Writer