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Le Chant des Parisiens (The Song of Parisians)

Our first video-blog post!

Composed below is a collection of photographs captured around various regions of France and mouse-clicked for this video. The accompanying music is The Bells of St. Anne de Beaupre, performed by Paul Pitman from the Public Domain music collection site.


Travel Review: Ireland

Ireland is sometimes known as the "Emeral...

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Introducing a brand-new Adventure Writer feature I’ve come up with, Travel Reviews! Sure, they’re nothing new, but it’s one more thing to add!

Each post will include a gallery of pictures, descriptions, and more!

To start this off, we’ll take a look at Ireland. While there I explored the Southern half of the country, never entering the territory of Great Britain.

We drove along beautiful green pastures – the deepest and most continuous strain of greens I’ve ever seen. Long green hills, quiet countryside, and the ocean crashing up against the cliffs to the edge of the island – creating a thoroughly tranquil atmosphere. It is only until you get into cities such as Dublin, that this image is disrupted, and you enter the city-side of Ireland.

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Animal Repertoire

For all you animal lovers out there, here’s a [not-so] brief slideshow of some of my animal-related photo’s.

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