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DP Photo Journal: Wildlife

When I went to France last October we hit all the tourist destinations in Paris – including the Mont Saint Michel. This “Mount Saint Michael” is quite the tourist hotspot and you may find a plethora of shops and vendors around the premises, as well as historical guides… for a price. Now how does this relate to wildlife? While there, a companion of mine happened upon a ladybug – and *SNAP!* we have the picture below – the French LadyBug of Mont Saint Michel.


An exquisite inhabitant of the Mont Saint Michel!


DP Photo Journal: Shadows

While in Normandy, France I had the chance to take many pictures of the Mont Saint Michel, many of which are of it’s interiors – long, winding, and shadowy corridors that seem to go on and on forever.

Mont Saint Michel #002

Look at that architecture! Because if you're visiting the Mont Saint Michel, you'll have to get used to it.


Le Chant des Parisiens (The Song of Parisians)

Our first video-blog post!

Composed below is a collection of photographs captured around various regions of France and mouse-clicked for this video. The accompanying music is The Bells of St. Anne de Beaupre, performed by Paul Pitman from the Public Domain music collection site.

Travel Review: Ireland

Ireland is sometimes known as the "Emeral...

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Introducing a brand-new Adventure Writer feature I’ve come up with, Travel Reviews! Sure, they’re nothing new, but it’s one more thing to add!

Each post will include a gallery of pictures, descriptions, and more!

To start this off, we’ll take a look at Ireland. While there I explored the Southern half of the country, never entering the territory of Great Britain.

We drove along beautiful green pastures – the deepest and most continuous strain of greens I’ve ever seen. Long green hills, quiet countryside, and the ocean crashing up against the cliffs to the edge of the island – creating a thoroughly tranquil atmosphere. It is only until you get into cities such as Dublin, that this image is disrupted, and you enter the city-side of Ireland.

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Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel

Another peak at our Journal de Photo!

This time with the famous Arc de Triomphe’s near-twin (and older sibling) – the Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel. Built to commemorate the one and only Napoleon Bonaparte.

The Bridge of Triumph 

The Arc de Triomphe’s Older Sibling!

Bridge of Triumph - Front Shot

A frontal shot of the famous monument!

Bienvenue en France!

Explore France as you’ve… never seen it before? Decide for yourself!

All this month and next, Adventure Writer Blog is bringing you pictures straight from France!

And to commemorate this event… our first picture!

Welcome to France!

Our First French Photo, say that three times fast!

Starting this month…

Location of France

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…I’ll be going on a 10-day trip to France, entailing such things as… boulangeries, WWII monuments, parisian dining, chateau’s, and a lot of scenery.

Be sure to check out my blog after October 15th for lengthy reviews, descriptions, and many photographs of France!