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Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows [Official Trailer]

The new Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows trailer is here!

Already in the trailer there may be some points of concern for Christians. We immediately see a common element from the first movie – demonic powers – fortune telling. Will it be a hoax again this time? Or proposed as the “real deal?” Full preliminary review coming soon.

Be sure to read our review on the first film, Sherlock Holmes (2010)!


Films to Look Forward To: Up & Coming (Part III: Nov. 2011 – Mar. 2012)

Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace villag...

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For the previous entry in this post-series, simply visit: Films to Look Forward To: Up & Coming (Part II: Jun. 2011 – Oct)

  1. Puss in Boots, in theaters, pronounces an evident summary in and of itself with its title alone – if you’ve watched Shrek of course. For all the details, simply visit my Shrek Forever After movie review, and scroll to the bottom of the post.
  2. Happy Feet II, who could forget Happy Feet – the beloved family movie which followed the life of Mumbo, the only penguin who could not sing. Featuring the voice talents of Elijah Wood & Robin Williams, it was truly a spectacular Warner Bro’s production for both children and adults alike. This time around in Happy Feet II, Matt Damon and Brad Pitt join the voice cast, and one can only imagine how the plot will develop. Coming to theaters November 18th, 2011 – family-movie lovers can’t miss it [1]!
  3. Set to be released December 16th, 2011 is a movie featuring everybody’s favorite chipmunks –Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chip-Wrecked. I myself was somewhat entertained by the series, though I have my doubts about how well a third installment will turn out. It seems to be more of a kid’s movie, than an overall family movie, though still something to check out when the time comes around [2]!
  4. Sherlock Holmes 2 (December 16, 2011 [3]), with Robert Downey Junior reprising his role as the famous Holmes, promises much. Featuring the dynamic personalities of such characters as Mycroft Holmes (Stephen Fry), the intellectual twin of
    Sherlock Holmes

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    Holmes (and his brother by blood),  and Professor Moriarty (Jared Harris), the paradoxical entity of Sherlock, using his vast faculty for crime. Its very title seems to add an amount of intrigue to the movie, being Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows – and what better than the official introduction of Moriarty.

  5. Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace made for joyous Sci-Fi fans in its first showing back in May 1999. On January 10th, 2012 – the movie strikes back with a never before seen 3-D version [4].
  6. What does Dr. Seuss, Zac Efron, and Taylor Swift have in common? They’re all a part (in one way or another) of the March 2nd, 2012 film -Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax [5]!
  7. If you’ve followed the action of Suzanne Collin’s, the Hunger Games trilogy, you’ll certainly want to see the movie. Premiering March 23rd, 2012 – you don’t want to miss it. The Hunger Games, by Lionsgate Entertainment, is sure to be a pleasure to watch for the first time on the big screen – or any screen other than that of the literary mind. If you haven’t read the series, or have fallen behind, be sure to get all the details from my review: Mockingjay: The Hunger Games Trilogy [6]!

Nintendo DSi vs Nintendo 3DS

Although it has yet to be released in the United States (it’s official release is March – 27th for the U.S.), the Nintendo 3DS seems quite promising, simply from its marketing campaign. Yet will it truly measure up to expectations?

English: Nintendo DSi Polski: Nintendo DSi

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The Nintendo DSi
The Nintendo DSi, and it’s XL Version as well, brought about a large change to the Nintendo DS line. It started with the simple DS system, and the slightly improved Lite, which enhanced visual capabilities with it’s brightness level feature. Then comes the DSi – the first in its line to introduce duo built-in cameras with corresponding software, a voice-record system with alteration features (such as pitch or echo), and even going so far as to make available the option of a built-in, Opera-based internet browser, along with the animation program Flipnote and its Hatena sharing capabilities – further allowing a SD Card Slot for additional memory. The DSi was certainly developed for personal use, complimented with fun, socially interactive features.

Opera Browser 2.0

Image by Jorge glеz via Flickr

Fun Fact: I’ve recently noticed an increase in web searches relating to DSi Flash player inquiries which have been redirected to this blog. The Nintendo DSi does not support Flash Player on its web browser, nor any other add-on’s. Therefore many online sites such as YouTube, or MMORPG game sites like Club Penguin or Adventure Quest are rendered useless and incapable of operation. This is unavoidable and cannot be fixed.

English: Nintendo 3DS Deutsch: Nintendo 3DS

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The Nintendo 3DS
According to Wikipedia (and now first-hand experiences), which has based its information  on reliable resources, the Nintendo 3DS features push-buttons, D-pad (which operates with similar purpose to the control pad. Allows users to pan through environments, scroll through menu’s, etc.), analog stick, touchscreen, volume slider, 3D depth slider, wireless communications switch, 3DS/DSi/DS and SD Card Slots, and a variety of programs, including Wii-based features, such as 3DS Sound , Mii Studio, PictoChat, Street Pass Mii Plaza, Face Shooting, Download Service, 3DS Camera, Augmented reality games, 3DS Shop, Internet Browser, an Activity Log, and 3D movie playback capability (with movies by Warner BrosDisney, and DreamWorks). As it’s main attraction, the Nintendo 3DS enables 3-D game play for select games, including a slider to adjust the 3-D graphics at any time. The dramatic effects of 3-D gameplay requires no special glasses or additional equipment as it operates on the concept of autostereoscopy. It certainly ups the ante!

Nintendo 3DS Experience Group

Image by HK-DMZ via Flickr

Hopeful Developments

As terrific as all these new and returned features are, there are some updates that could be made – and hopefully will be, such as:

-Increased Web Browser Capabilities (We don’t yet, since Nintendo has yet to release the update containing their web browser): Now we do, the Nintendo 3DS Browser is superior, includes an automatic “word-guesser” which saves time!

-Upgraded FlipNote software with additional, advanced options: Nintendo has now released SwapNote, superior to FlipNote. Send notes to your friends, and even animate the process of drawing, instead of page by page animations (although this is still possible).

-More release-date choices in bundles – such as with Mario Kart 3DS, and others I’ve commonly discussed (a few bundles are currently available from GameStop, though they’re not really big deals): Nintendo carried through in this aspect as well, with Zelda, Mario, etc. bundles!

Check the Adventure Writer Blog in March 2011 for a full review on the Nintendo 3DS  and perhaps one of our first video blog posts! For updates, check: The Nintendo Series [3DS/DSi] category, which is where all  Nintendo 3DS [and related DSi] posts will be added.

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Toy Story 3: An “Investigative” Review

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A look at the highest grossing film of 2010: Toy Story 3!

Disclaimer: The author of this post has been reading too much Sherlock Holmes, and writing far too much in the mystery genre. As a result, this post may resemble a detective novel, rather than a movie review.

Is Toy Story really the number one animated film, or is there another story behind it? This question plagued me as a Toy Story 3 promotion flashed across the television. I had to find out.

My investigation led me to Wikipedia, searching the articles belonging to Toy Story, Toy Story 2, and at last, Toy Story 3. It did appear that each film was number one in the box office during each of their releases – and Toy Story 3 did indeed accumulate a fame even greater than it’s predecessors. But what did the charts say?

Wikipedia: Highest-grossing films of 2010
As of December 30, 2010 [1]
Rank Title Studio Worldwide North America United Kingdom Australia
1 Toy Story 3 Disney·Pixar $1,063,143,492 $415,004,880 $116,625,632 $37,957,715
Soruce: Wikipedia– Highest Grossing Films

It certainly appeared that Toy Story 3, in itself, already had quite a solid case. Therefore my conclusion – by deduction and observation, led me to believe it was indeed “#1.” Now onto the review!

Toy Story 3 is everything that it’s box office performance reveals. It follows in the footsteps of the previous two films, and establishes a satisfying finale to the film franchise.

Toy Story 3

Image by Jerrod Maruyama via Flickr

Toy Story 3 retains it’s terrific appeal to the family. It is throughly entertaining, and should prove satisfactory to the critic. It’s storyline picks up shortly after where the second film left off. The audience may observe that many toys have disappeared from the scene, including Woody’s beloved Little Bo Peep. In a brief history, through family videos and the filming of family videos thereof, we witness the growth of Andy, until at last stopping at the approximate age of eighteen, where he is preparing for college – a fact which instills dread into the remaining toys. What will be their fate? To the attic, forsaken for years to come? Or worse? At last, Cowboy Woody rallies the troops, revealing the simple truth that, as his toys, they should be there for Andy no matter what. With this encouragement however, chaos still manages to find it’s way into the mix, and the toys end up “mistakingly” being donated to Sunnyside, a children’s daycare. Amidst the joy of finally having the chance to be played with, the toys soon find out there’s a dark side to this daycare. For it is run by the evil Lots-O’-Huggin’ Bear aka Lotso, who, through being left behind by his owner, has become a wicked tyrant. Will the toys get free and return home to Andy? Or will they be trapped forever – forced to stay in the toddler’s domain (where they are torn apart, and thoroughly mistreated) while Lotso’s gang enjoys the elementary-middle school side?

Totoro seen in the Toy Story 3 Trailer.

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Regardless of the seemingly “dark” storyline, the movie is (in conclusion) an altogether positive and happy tale, exploring the aspects of true friendship, teamwork, and Disney happily-ever-after’s.

For fans of Japanese anime, a character from My Neighbor Totoro (that is, Totoro himself) by Hayao Miyazaki makes a cameo appearance among the toy’s belonging to the daycare owner’s (or caretaker)  child, a girl named Bonnie (who plays a dramatically [and most unexpectedly, at first] important role in the plot).

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Green Lantern [June 17th 2011]

Captain America: The First Avenger [July 22nd, 2011]

Spy Kids 4: All the Time in the World [August 19, 2011]

Sherlock Holmes II [December 16th, 2011]

National Treasure III [Christmas 2011]

Ice Age: Continental Drift [July 13th, 2012]

How to Train Your Dragon II [Summer 2013]


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