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Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine

It’s been quite some time since my last DP Photo Challenge entry. Today it’s the full version of a photograph which I posted sometime last year.


A cake with my name on it. Literally. The white frosting is in the shape of a fleur de lis, accompanied by the French national colors. The cake was designed by a local bakery. Why the French theme? Of all the ethnicities that run through my family, French is at the top, followed by English…

No, I did not eat it all… just a majority.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Opportunity [Deux]


Weekly Photo Challenge: Possibility

With possibilities... the sky is the limit.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sunset

After the Storm

Ever heard of the calm before the storm? Well this is the calm... AFTER the storm.

Beautiful water-side fireworks (B).

Beautiful water-side fireworks.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Entrance [Cont.]


Keyhole upon the gate of the Palace of Versailles.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Entrance

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DP Photo Journal: Tiny


The little, yet divine, baby Jesus: Rouen, France {Notre Dame}

DP Photo Journal: Red

Monet Rouge

A red, or rather rouge (French for red), plant in Monet's Garden in Giverny, France.

DP Photo Journal: Wildlife

When I went to France last October we hit all the tourist destinations in Paris – including the Mont Saint Michel. This “Mount Saint Michael” is quite the tourist hotspot and you may find a plethora of shops and vendors around the premises, as well as historical guides… for a price. Now how does this relate to wildlife? While there, a companion of mine happened upon a ladybug – and *SNAP!* we have the picture below – the French LadyBug of Mont Saint Michel.


An exquisite inhabitant of the Mont Saint Michel!

DP Photo Journal: Light


Illumination of the Stained Glass: Saint-Lo, France