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Trying out some new Themes…

If you’ve been to the Adventure Writer’s Blog lately, you may have noticed the change to the new Selecta theme for a couple of days… then the sudden switch back.

Selecta caught my eye when it was first announced by WordPress, everything about it seemed amazing, and deserving of premium status… which was the best part, it’s free!

However, after some deliberation, I came to the conclusion I could utilize it to the best of it’s ability at this time… considering most of my posts are text-based, as opposed to picture and video-based. Nevertheless, you may see this theme popping up again some time in the future…


Adventure Writer joins the Post-a-Day WordPress Challenge!

Forums and Minerals, the new Internet tools

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Why not?

Although I have not made many new posts recently, I’ll certainly have plenty of material to use throughout 2011 – with all the movies, technology (like the Nintendo 3DS), and literary projects I’ll be working on, there’ll be no lack of inspiration.

And to kick this thing off, my first Trackback to the same post that provided me with the additional motivation I needed to ward off Writer’s Block.

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