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I’m Still Here!

Everything is so very different! Well, I suppose just the WordPress homepage, streamlined post editor, and Go Premium button.

It has been quite some time since I last posted! I was originally making updates weekly, but I haven’t really had much of a chance to write anything of note, with the hubbub that accompanies the Christmas season.

First off, I’ve gotten nowhere with the literary agents. Many of the agencies have response times posted on their web pages, and it would seem my queries have surpassed those. Therefore, I’m moving on. Self publishing has become ever more tempting, albeit I have a gut feeling that I should pursue publication traditionally, at least, for this particular novel.

I have also been meddling, once again, in the photographic arts, and in the pencil-paper arts as well (I’m attending a college course). Oh the joy of perspective of drawings.

A Merry Christmas to all, and a happy end to the 2012 blogging season!

Set Your Sights on 2012 with Insight from WordPress’ New Feature

Two hours ago WordPress announced a superb new feature: a comprehensive annual report with the works - fireworks, statistics, congratulations, and tips for 2012. Thanks for all the hard work WordPress!

When I checked my e-mail moments ago it was to a pleasant surprise – WordPress’ creative annual report for my blog. If you’re new to blogging this page may be… disheartening, however, don’t let that get you down. WordPress has a helpful guide to getting you on your way to blog stardom: Master the Basics and Beyond.

My blog managed to achieve a few thousand views, which I’m contended with considering where I started (2010: a few hundred views and zero subscribers). All it took was regular posting, proper tagging, and creativity with blog posts. I’m thankful for all the people who have taken the time to subscribe to my blog, regardless of its varied content, and have taken the time to read my posts – it has been a great year and I’m astounded at the feedback I’ve received. I never figured I’d get more than 5,000 views.

I would highly recommend reading WordPress’ guide – my generation rarely likes to read instructions or how to’s, however, it is certainly worth the read. Practical and thorough, the WordPress staff has years of experience which has been conveyed in simple steps just about anyone can understand.

However, if you choose not to read it, here are some simplified highlights (with some tips of my own):

-Focus on making quality posts (I need to work on this more! Although blogging, when I’m not in a hurry, has certainly helped improve my writing capabilities). If you’re writing something personal, about life, etc. be sincere / real, the human element is what gives a post its charm.

-Make quality comments on blogs with similar interests to yours

-Subscribe to other blogs (especially DailyPost)

-Make a New Year’s Resolution to take on the PostADay or PostAWeek challenge (it’ll improve your writing and bring attention to your blog, and hopefully DailyPost will start up a 2012 campaign)

-Utilize social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, etc. which you are a part of to spread the word of your blog.

Now it’s time to get blogging and draft some extra posts to cover the days I’ve missed this year…

 Happy New Years (Bonne Année Nouveau, Feliz Año Nuevo, Felice Anno Nuovo)

– Adventure Writer (Aventure Ecrivain, Aventura Escritor, Avventura Scrittore)

P.S. - Feel free to correct my foreign language 
(or even my English, if I made a grammar faux pas) 
in the comments if you find anything amiss.

It’s time to get my widgets back in order!

All my “experimenting around” with various themes have caused my widgets to be tossed around within the dashboard, some forgotten, others quickly put back into place. It’s too bad widgets can’t stay put during theme-changes.

Tonight I’ll be dedicating a portion of my time to finding lost widgets… like the PostADay2011 icon, now where did I put that…?

Posting Back in Time

Ever wished you could go back in time to complete a post you missed during the PostADay2011 Challenge? Actually… you can.

Take this post for example, by navigating to the publish options on the right-hand side of the post editor, select edit beside Publish immediately and adding a date, say October 5th, I can post back in time.

That way you still get your writing practice in, and you can have a full calendar, instead of making multiple posts in one day to make up for it.

Félicitations WordPress, et merci! [Congrats WP, and thanks!]

If you’ve looked at the [somewhat] top of your browser recently, you’ll notice WordPress’ newest addition [or rather, revision and enhancement] to our blogging experience…

An organized and most convenient new bar!


Although I was a bit perplexed at first, wondering where all my options went, I soon found the answers I needed by selecting my name and “finding solace” in a drop-down menu.

I personally think this latest enhancement is fantastic and much more efficient!

Thanks for the hard work WordPress!


Trying out some new Themes…

If you’ve been to the Adventure Writer’s Blog lately, you may have noticed the change to the new Selecta theme for a couple of days… then the sudden switch back.

Selecta caught my eye when it was first announced by WordPress, everything about it seemed amazing, and deserving of premium status… which was the best part, it’s free!

However, after some deliberation, I came to the conclusion I could utilize it to the best of it’s ability at this time… considering most of my posts are text-based, as opposed to picture and video-based. Nevertheless, you may see this theme popping up again some time in the future…

Latest WordPress Theme: Piano Black

I recently tried out Piano Black on one of my blogs to see if it met up with the same standards I’ve grown accustomed to with Mystique. In it’s abilities, it reminded my of Freshy, a nice simple theme without the addition of post formats, etc. The style, however, is another matter entirely. Once applied to your blog, Piano Black provides dramatic “renovations,” especially if, like I once did, you currently have Freshy. Not only is it a darker theme than most, it also would appear to be more elegant, utilizing smooth black-to-white gradients, a fitting contrast between light and dark themes – culminating into a nice curve on the bottom of the page. It’d be great for pop culture blogs, suspenseful writing blogs, and maybe even a new blog. It has an abundance of potential, considering the possible addition of a banner can add a unique touch fitting with any sort of blog genre. I must say it’s quite impressive! It’s not astoundingly complex or as high-end as some bloggers may require, but it adds a great, irreplaceable tone to whatever blog equips it.

Nintendo 3DS Update: What It Means

The Nintendo 3DS update has been a most anticipated one, since the system’s launch March 25th 2011. The June 6th update, which was released barely an hour ago, contained a few programs and system tweaks – most importantly, the Nintendo 3DS Shop and Nintendo 3DS Browser.

The Nintendo 3DS Browser is certainly quite impressive, far outclassing its DSi predecessor. As I tap out this post, the browser provides possible words that I may intend to use, much like Google’s suggested search functionality – both checking my spelling and saving valuable time typing, not to mention it is, aside from English, available in French, Spanish, and Portuguese.
The browser has a sleek design, and easy to navigate features, available even when you’re in the middle of a 3DS game or application. Utilizing the SD card and 3DS camera, upload and download functionalities are also available – allowing users to both share their 3DS pictures online, and download images from anywhere on the web for viewing in their 3DS camera gallery. Not too shabby, huh? Unfortunately, the browser does not support YouTube or any other online video or music viewing service for that matter, as popular rumor had us previously suppose. A sad outcome, yet one that can be looked over in light of the drastically improved browser. Now I can finally make decent WordPress entries, tags and all (upload script isn’t supported however).

The Nintendo 3DS shop, which stands currently under maintenance and inaccessible, features two free-for-download applications: the classic racing game, Excitebike, remastered in 3-D, and a 3D Pokedex. Organization is also slightly improved, with a new set of categories and recommended applications.

Overall, a duely made update.

AW Blog comes to Twitter

Free twitter bar

Image via Wikipedia

A few months ago I linked the Adventure Writer Blog up with Twitter account AW Blog. Now, utilizing WordPress’ new Twitter interface, I’ve added a Twitter widget on the sidebar! Want to add your own? Simply select the new Twitter app under your Widgets, and customize it!

WordPress’ “Just Drop” Announcement

Visting my dashboard today, I assumed my dashboard had gone “buggy” again, abandoning the style I’m used to. Turns out – it was another update, and it’s certainly quite amazing. I’m using the full screen feature right now, though other than a cool new editor, I don’t see much more functionality – though it’s quite nice and organized.

Great job WordPress!